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This information was compiled by Semahat Demir (NSF), Lydia Kavraki (CS), Rob Raphael (BIOE), and Joan Strassmann (EEB).

Funding is important – lydia kavraki (cs)

  • You need to be prepared to address the issue in the long run
  • You need more than a great idea
  • You need to understand the logistics

Funding - logistics

  1. Identify a funding agency and learn everything you can about this agency (the web and your colleagues are good sources)
  2. Understand what is the mechanism for submitting a proposal from your institution (“Office of Sponsored Research”)
  3. Develop a time frame for writing and proofreading the proposal

1. funding opportunities

NIH - www.nih.gov

NSF - www.nsf.gov

  • Private Foundations
  • Office of Naval Research (ONR) and other federal programs

NIDRR - The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

  • Miscellaneous Funding links
  • Industry
    • SBIR mechanism (NSF, NIH)
    • Direct Funding from Companies

*modified from Kinney, Neptune and Wilson]

2. your university

  • A proposal needs a budget and appropriate signatures
  • Lead time is typically required
  • Your colleagues can help you understand all that

3. time frame

  • Allow time for many drafts
  • Allow time for feedback
  • Allow extra time

Funding is important

You need to be prepared to address the issue in the long run

  • How will you prepare yourself for the next grant?

You need more than a great idea

  • You need to be able to communicate and support your idea
  • You need to understand the logistics

Do not let funding consume you

  • Your “ growth ” as a researcher is essential
  • Publish, collaborate, discuss your ideas, read, be brave and be prepared to fail

Nsf, funding opportunities and successful proposal writing – semahat demir (nsf)


  • Overview of NSF
  • Different NSF Funding Opportunities
  • NSF’s Priority Areas (NSF-Wide Investment Areas)
  • NSF Merit Review Criteria
  • Tips for Successful Proposal Writing

Nsf vision

NSF: Where Discovery Begins

Enabling the Nation’s future through discovery, learning and innovation.


  • Founded in 1950
  • An independent federal agency
  • Responsible for advancing science and engineering
  • Makes merit-based grants and cooperative agreements
    • Individual researchers and groups
    • Colleges, universities,
    • Other institutions: public, private, state, local and federal
  • Does not operate laboratories
  • Peer-review and evaluation of 42,000 proposals (FY05) submitted by science and engineering research and education communities
    • 9,800 new awards (success rates are different for different programs)
    • 246,000 proposal reviews done

Nsf support as a percent of total us federal support for academic basic research in selected fields

  • Physical Sciences: 40%
  • Engineering: 46%
  • Social Sciences: 52%
  • Environmental Sciences: 54%
  • Biology (excluding NIH): 66%
  • Mathematical Sciences: 77%
  • Computer Science: 86%

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