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These are exercise test questions to help build your knowledge of Proteins, Amino Acids, Nucleic Acids, Electron transport chain and Tricarboxylic acid lectures. This will help expand your knowledge on the topics to maximize learning at a deeper level, build confidence and help you succeed in the course.
1. Which of the following interactions is LEAST LIKELY to contribute to the overall 3-dimensional structure of a protein and its physiological function?
A. Hydrophobic regions
B. Hydrogen bonding
C. Conduction of heat
D. Disulfide bonds
E. Ionic bonding
2. Which of the following classifications will MORE LIKE describe the dual function of the side groups of an amino acid acting as polar binding site as well as an acid-base buffer?
A. Non-polar amino acids
B. Polar and uncharged amino acids
C. Polar and charged amino acids
D. Peptide bonds
E. L-form isomers
3. Which of the following statements is the MOST ACCURATE in regards to the DNA molecular structure?
A. DNA is a single stranded molecule with secondary and tertiary structures of a common protein.
B. DNA strands run in the same direction and are parallel to each other in a linear fashion to keep the DNA molecule intact.
C. The DNA molecule has a double stranded spiral shape with two types of grooves for protein interactions.
D. The phosphodiester bond formed between the carbon atoms of two adjacent ribose sugars facilitates the overall shape of the DNA molecule.
E. The overall shape of the DNA molecule is determined by base pairing between two purines (adenine and guanine) or two pyrimidines (cytosine and thymine).

4. In which region of the tRNA molecule would amino acids MOST LIKELY bind?
A. Anticodon
B. Ribothymidine
C. Dihydrouridine
D. 3' end adenosine
E. Pseudouridine

5. Which of the following DNA repair mechanisms MOST LIKELY corrects the addition of bulky adducts on the bases of DNA?
A. Base Excision
B. Replication
C. Mismatch
D. Nucleotide Excision
E. Transcription-Coupled
6. Which of the following processes BEST describe the release of an uncharged-tRNA on the P site and the movement of a peptidyl-tRNA from the A site to the P site of the 80S ribosome?
A. Replication
B. Transcription
C. Initiation
D. Translocation
E. Termination

7. Which of the following statements is the LEAST ACCURATE about DNA polymerase delta?
A. This enzyme starts adding polynucleotides to the newly synthesized DNA chain after an RNA-DNA primer is formed on both the leading and lagging strands.
B. This enzyme can synthesize about 200 nucleotides of DNA in the lagging strand before it reaches the RNA primer of the next Okazaki fragment.
C. This enzyme continuously adds polynucleotides to the newly synthesize DNA in the leading strand.
D. This enzyme is also considered a 3' to 5' exonuclease that proofreads the newly synthesize DNA to detect and repair DNA changes.
E. This enzyme has the capabilities of an RNA polymerase and completes DNA synthesis at the end of the chromosomes.

8. Which of the following DNA mutations will MOST LIKELY produce a defective mRNA with a different reading frame than normal?
A. Point Mutations
B. Frameshift
C. Missense
D. Nonsense
E. Silent

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