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Sometimes when we begin an artistic journey our concepts of how to do this may be overwhelming. Knowing exactly how to find the elements properly to help us along the way is helpful. This module helps us in getting those segements voiced and narrowed down.

I first learned to play the guitar in my pre-teens. When I became a teenager I wanted to be in a band. Ijust wanted to be in a band. I had no direction, no goals or no understanding. Three bands and many different players later Ifinally found I knew what I was looking for. I did not have clear goals or direction until I had put myself through this process ofseeking. Communication has to be precise so others know where you are heading with your art.

When we don’t communicate openly and effectively with others we tend to get lost in seeking what wetruly desire. If we can first say exactly what we desire, then we weed through the chaff and get right to the heart of things.

Take this example….Lets say a person has a desire to write and perform complex rhythm structures based upon acombination of jazz and Creole music. Now if he just said he was looking for a bass player, he might find countless of potentialmembers. Then after a few sessions find that they aren’t quite the mix he was looking for. Several months later, and several memberslater he finds what he want. However, this has taken a toll on him and delayed his dream.

If he would have stated or known how to voice his dream to another he might have saved time. He should havestarted asking for a bass player who fully understands music composition. One who has a level playing skill where he canimprovise within a structure of musical knowledge. This would have sorted the potential bass players down to a handful of qualifiedpersons.

So this part of the workbook is for you to write out what you seek in collaboration with others. Knowing whatyou seek, and how it applies to your ultimate goal will help you communicate the right message to the right person. Time isimportant. Our dreams are at stake so to speak. Communicating what you really need helps in finding the right person moreeffectively.

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If we just flounder with ambiguous statements then our art becomes very ambiguous. Being able to convey the rightmessage within the framework of how we want to construct our art will benefit us. It will also benefit the ones we seek tocollaborate with. It is all about proper communication.

Collaboration is about jointly agreeing upon a desired outcome with each person contributing to that end goal.Each person has a vital role to play, each brings their own creativeness to the process. The end result is a finished productthat you both contributed to.

Question: How would you describe to a potential collaborator (member) what you are looking for?

Question: Think about your strengths and weaknesses. What talents will complete you?

Question: What skills and attributes will make you more complete? Diversified? Concentrated?

Question: How many leading men are in a play?

Question: How will you handle directional changes or differences of goals or paths with acollaborator?

Question: What is the ultimate goal for you to collaborate with another?

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