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There is recognition that local HE cannot be world class in all areas but that some exceptional activity can serve as hook that can form the basis of discussion with others who may be looking for expertise that may satisfy a deficiency in their tool-kit. Without some unique offering (Unique selling point-USP) it is much more challenging to develop a dialogue and define mutual benefit in an emerging relationship with global partners. Partners who are at the leading edge often seek to form alliances with others who are also at the leading edge.

Having world class research is an essential condition, but on its own insufficient to form an optimal platform for an emerging cluster. The research also has to be relevant to an emerging global sector and market. Research is particularly powerful as a cluster driver if it lends itself to multidisciplinary working. Hardly a product or service in the modern marketplace generates commercial return without containing aspects that flow from many contributory scientific, technical or business disciplines.

There has to be a clear and defined route that translates research, thereby creating real and tangible value. Intellectual property plays a key role but it must not stand in the way of creating relationships. Too often IP issues become a barrier to progress rather than a facilitator of opportunity. Bureaucrats and there associated bureaucracies involved in these discussions often despite not understanding the science are empowered by their organisation to dictate the agenda, often with the result that the underlying business opportunity is driven away. This is clearly an area where science, governance and culture have a direct influence on value creation and on the ability of a world class research activity to catalyse a knowledge cluster.

Perspectives from the study underpinning this are as described below.

World class science

  • The strong showing of sector-focused publications from Swansea demonstrates World Class research strengths. In addition, secondary data including the RAE outcomes for Swansea University and the activities of partners in Texas (e.g., Author of the US NIH Nanotechnology in Cancer Research Policy), shows a major critical mass of research excellence in fields related to the sector.
  • Participants in the Stakeholder interviews represent a range of World Class research groups and facilities. These include MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, The Michael DeBakey Institute and UK National Mass Spectrometry Service.


  • The KTN questionnaire supported the sub-hypotheses of need for sectoral relevance of facilities, in particular for Bio-Tech companies. This also is a factor in consideration of company revenue relating to nature of facilities required. Initiatives such as CNH, ANH, and ILS II are all examples of the cluster developing provision in line with this sectoral fit.
  • The significant proportion of Applied and Commercial research undertaken within collaborations suggests a strong alignment with industrial needs and opportunities. The level of alignment demonstrated supports the ability to use the knowledge generated in meaningful ways leading to economic outputs, as presented by OECD (1996).

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biomolecules are e building blocks of every organics and inorganic materials.
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sciencedirect big data base
Introduction about quantum dots in nanotechnology
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nano basically means 10^(-9). nanometer is a unit to measure length.
do you think it's worthwhile in the long term to study the effects and possibilities of nanotechnology on viral treatment?
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fullerene is a bucky ball aka Carbon 60 molecule. It was name by the architect Fuller. He design the geodesic dome. it resembles a soccer ball.
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That is a great question Damian. best way to answer that question is to Google it. there are hundreds of applications for buck minister fullerenes, from medical to aerospace. you can also find plenty of research papers that will give you great detail on the potential applications of fullerenes.
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Mostly, they use nano carbon for electronics and for materials to be strengthened.
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