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George w. s. abbey sr. (rice university, baker botts fellow for space policy)

There is a need for the emphasis of “Team Science” through alliances, collaborations and consortia availingthe synergy of team approaches and “big” science. An example is the changing face of the biosciences in the post genomic era with converging technologies – nano, bio and info, and new enabling technologies.

Opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations – cross-departmental, cross-institution, academia/public/private, and international can lead to key advances an example would be the International Space Station ISS.

The aim should be in building new areas of research and capacity in these areas and creating the knowledgeable human capital who understands not only the Science but the relationships on which the collaborations are built. Since retiring from NASA, after years of service and brokering the many international countries and agencies into collaborating in the ISS, the one thing I keep on hearing from former international partners is, “ Since you have left George, no one understands the relationship which has been created .”

This statement was echoed at the 2 nd Annual IMSS at Rice University, May 2008, by the Administrators of ESA, ROSCOSMOS, and IBMP.

Young people today are choosing not to go into science and engineering, and the enrolment of US students in these educational fields is going down in our universities. This matters because, as you can read in the recent report, "United States Space Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Gone Astray," published by the American Academy of Arts&Sciences, in today's world, technology is critical to this country's leadership role. We don't manufacture a lot of goods anymore, but we have maintained our leadership role with our technology. Without the input of bright, innovative young people, that leadership role is going to be affected. Look at all the problems we need to address -- the environment, alternative energy sources, health care and our aging infrastructure, not to mention space exploration. The solutions all come down to technology and the availability of bright and innovative young people with questioning minds.

Prof. ian cluckie (swansea university, pro-vice chancellor of research)

Since arriving in Swansea University in 2008, the University has been pursuing ambitious and radical policies to accelerate the development the University as a strong, research-led institution. By being included in one of the most elite of international research groups provides our researchers and students the opportunity to work and understand the wider world.

The University understands that it cannot be world-class university on its own and that research is increasingly a global activity. The University recognises that even the largest universities in the UK cannot provide the critical mass of staff and facilities to develop cutting-edge research in many areas of science and technology. The Universities membership in the Texas-UK Collaborative shows that Swansea is addressing this challenge. Inclusive to this is the recognition of the effort and work that goes into creating the relationships with partner institutions, the University see’s its role as a facilitator in assisting the researchers win research awards and conduct world class research.

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The nanotechnology is as new science, to scale nanometric
nanotechnology is the study, desing, synthesis, manipulation and application of materials and functional systems through control of matter at nanoscale
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nano basically means 10^(-9). nanometer is a unit to measure length.
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