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Texas academic facilitators

Texas academic facilitators.
Name Role(s) Texas/UK Involvement
Dr. Denis Headon Director of the TX/UK Collaborative Overall Director and Administrator of the TX/UK Collaborative
George Abbey Sr. Rice University, Baker Botts Fellow for Space Policy Co-Instigator and Partner Facilitator of the TX/UK Collaborative

Texas coalface researchers

Texas coalface researchers.
Name Role(s) Texas/UK Involvement
Prof. Mauro Ferrari Professor and Chairman of Department of Nanomedicine and Biomedical Engineering and Experimental Therapeutics, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer CenterPresident, Alliance for NanoHealth Partner in Cancer Research Project with Dr. Steve Conlan
Dr. Terry Fossum Professor of Veterinary Surgery, Texas A&M UniversityDirector Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies and the Michael E. DeBakey Institute for Comparative Cardiovascular Science and Biomedical Devices Partner in Bioengineering BSc with Swansea University Engineering and Medical Schools

Wales political supporters

Wales political supporters.
Name Role(s) Texas/UK Involvement
Edwina Hart AM, MBE Minister of Health and Social Services Sponsor of Strategic Initiatives aligned with the Collaborative
Paul Williams OBE Director of NHS Wales Former Director of ABM NHS Trust, Clinical Trials Partner, Involved in Pan Wales Development of the Collaborative

Wales academic facilitators

Wales academic facilitators.
Name Role(s) Texas/UK Involvement
Prof. Julian Hopkin Rector of Swansea University Medical School Intuitional and Political Champion of the TX/UK Collaborative
Prof. Ian Cluckie Pro-Vice Chancellor Research, Swansea University Intuitional

Wales coalface researchers

Wales coalface researchers.
Name Role(s) Texas/UK Involvement
Prof. John White Chair of Research Swansea University Medical School Head of Cancer Research ILS Involved in the Collaborative since 2007, Collaborative Champion in the School of Medicine, Collaborating in Reproductive Cancer Research with Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Steve Conlan Co-Director of CNH Researcher interest: Cancer Involved in the Collaborative since 2007, Collaborative Champion in CNH, Collaborating with MD Anderson Cancer Research Center

Interview observations

The semi-structured interviews investigated a range of sub-hypotheses through questioning amongst the stakeholder groups. The following sections outline the key findings of these interviews, highlighting areas of alignment and non-alignment amongst stakeholders regarding these issues, together with other observations.

Political supporter

Political supporter responses.
Question Alignment Non-Alignment Other Observations
Is there Regional Coherence and what can be done to improve or strengthen? Recognition of critical role of collaboration; Coherence exists yet room for improvement remains; Commitment to supporting further developments Stronger coherence in Wales with the Public Sector; Stronger Coherence in Texas with Private Sector Welsh Assembly Government Supports Regional Coherence; At the institutional levels it is seen that there is a hindrance from senior management
Are institutions across the region responsive to the collaboration agenda? In the main all are responsive; Institutional responsiveness is led by individuals Greater cajoling needed on the Welsh side Within Wales, funding mechanisms have not yet driven collaboration
Do you see collaboration as a strategic imperative for institutions? All agree, Yes Some institutions see collaboration as a “means”, others as an “end” On both sides it was seen to be away of accessing more research funds and drives ratings
What do you see the role of government as being? Facilitator&Funder; Providing light touch support Texas no government involvement at Board level
Is the regional cluster growing and in the right direction? All agree, Yes Within Wales dual agendas of Healthcare delivery and Broader-Education and Economic Development Agenda Texas am more Mature Cluster, Wales is still in its Infancy; Both recognize the Economic Impact of the Sector

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