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These are exercise test questions to help build your knowledge of proteins and nucleic acids lectures. This will help expand your knowledge on the topics to maximize learning at a deeper level, build confidence and help you succeed in the course.
  1. Which of these is NOT a biological requirement for maintaining a protein’s 3-D structure?
  1. It must demonstrate both flexibility and stability.
  2. It must have an external surface compatible with its environment.
  3. It must be compatible with the structure of its binding sites.
  4. It must be degradable.
  5. It must resist folding during synthesis.

2. Which of these primary amino acid sequences would LEAST likely be a component of an α-helix?

  • A. thr-pro-gly
  • B. cys-val-tyr
  • C. ser-lys-ala
  • D. phe-phe-phe
  • E. thr-val-met

3. What immunoglobulin is present in the greatest percentage in the circulation and can cross the placenta to impart immunity to the developing fetus?

  • A. IgG
  • B. IgA
  • C. IgM
  • D. IgD
  • E. IgE

4. Which of the following is the main factor that directly regulates glycation of hemoglobin?

  1. The enzyme controlling the Amadori reaction
  2. The concentration of glucose in blood
  3. The specificity of an enzyme cofactor
  4. The role of insulin for moving glucose into the red blood cell
  5. The concentration of glucagon in blood

5. What statement about an enzyme’s active site is LEAST correct?

  1. The active site is the location of the enzyme-substrate complex.
  2. The primary sequence in an active site has functional groups to facilitate the reaction.
  3. Substrate binding to an active site results in a conformation change in the enzyme shape.
  4. Substrate active sites are specific for enzyme classes.
  5. Enzymes are degraded once the reaction is completed after they leave the active site.

6. What product directly forms when glucokinase catalyzes a reaction with glucose?

  1. Glucose 6-phosphate
  2. Galactose
  3. Branched glucose molecules
  4. Pyruvate
  5. Lactate

7. Which protein pair is an example of paralog?

  1. HbA and HbF
  2. CK-BB and CK-MM
  3. HbA1 and HbA2
  4. Myoglobin and hemoglobin
  5. Lactate dehydrogenase and hemoglobin

8. Which of the following structures would LEAST likely be a part of a DNA molecule?

  1. Adenine bonded to guanine as purine bases
  2. Cytosine bonded to uracil as pyrimidine bases
  3. Deoxyribose sugar
  4. 3’ to 5’ phosphodiester bonds between sugar molecules
  5. Thymine bonded to cytosine as pyrimidine bases
9. Which of the following is NOT a component of the 80S ribosome?
A. 60S rRNA subunit
B. 40S rRNA subunit
C. DNA and proteins
D. rRNA and proteins
E. Binding sites for tRNA

For #10-11, match the RNA type to the correct description of the corresponding structure.

  • 10. mRNA
  • 11. tRNA
  • A. Cloverleaf adapter with 3’ adenosine end and an anticodon region
  • B. Double stranded helix with hydrogen between the strands
  • C. Single stranded molecule with a 5’-cap and polyadenosine tail
  • D. Two subunits with secondary structures as a result of extensive base pairing loops
  • 12. Which statements BEST explains the process demonstrated in the figure?
    1. There are two chromosomes that are exchanging portions of DNA.
    2. DNA segments are moving to another location on the same gene.
    3. DNA is undergoing normal synthesis per the genetic code.
    4. Ds-DNA is being synthesized from a viral RNA template for human genome integration.
    5. Large portions of chromosomes are exchanged in the presence of a carcinogen.

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