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  • Choose a lesson you need to teach in the coming week. It could be a specific lesson in math, social studies, literature, etc. Then, listthe intelligence that will be your central focus for that one lesson. Why did you choose that intelligence?
  • What resources or materials will you need? What room arrangements will you need? What other things do you need to consider?
  • Develop the activity keeping your chosen intelligence in the forefront of your planning. Will students be moving, reading,drawing, acting, singing, talking to each other?
  • Is your lesson plan reaching those who are expressing this intelligence, but have not had a chance to use it before?
  • Conduct the activity by spending more time watching and guiding students than instructing them.
  • Provide feedback on the lesson. What plain observations did you make about individual students, the class as awhole, interactions and happenings that occurred - details you noticed, large actions? Make alist of 7 plain observations.
  • Choose any observation from your list, and write about it in 2 - 3 paragraphs.

Assignment 7: applying multiple intelligences

Below, please find a list of the general characteristics of students who exhibit strengths in each of theintelligences. You will need these to understand essential clues for your assignment.

Multiple Intelligences Overview
Verbal-Linguistic - The capacity to learn through words and grammatical logic Learns from the spoken and written word, in many forms; reads, comprehends, andsummarizes effectively
Logical-Mathematical - The capacity for inductive and deductive thinking andreasoning, as well as the use of numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns Learns through using objects and moving them about, quantity, time, cause andeffect; solves problems logically; understands patterns and relationships and makes educated guesses;can handle diverse skills such as advanced math, and represent them in graphic form; works with models;gathers evidence; builds strong arguments.
Visual-Spatial - The ability to visualize objects and spatial dimensions, and createinternal images and pictures Learns by seeing and observing - shapes, faces, colors; uses detail in visualimages; learns through visual media; enjoys doodling, drawing; makes three-dimensional objects and movesthem around; sees forms where others do not; enjoys abstractions and subtle patterns.
Body-Kinesthetic - The wisdom of the body and the ability to control physical motion Learns through touching and moving; developed coordination and timing;participation and involvement; role plays. Engages in games, assembles objects; acts. Sensitive to physicalenvironment; dexterity and balance; creates new forms that move.
Musical-Rhythmic - The ability to recognize tonal patterns and sounds, as well as asensitivity to rhythms and beats Learns through sound; eager to discuss music and its meaning; sings and plays aninstrument; improvises and interprets
Interpersonal - The capacity for person-to-person communications andrelationships Learns through interactions, social relationships; perceivesfeelings, thoughts, motivations of others; collaborates; influences opinions; understands inverbal and non-verbal ways; takes in diverse points of view; mediates, organizes, develops new socialprocesses and methods.
Intrapersonal - The spiritual, inner states of being, self-reflection, and awareness Learns through range of personal emotions; finds outlets for feelings;identifies and pursues personal goals; curious about big questions; manages to learn through on-goingattempts at gathering in ideas; insightful; empowers others.

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