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If blood from a person infected by HIV gets into the blood stream of another person, it will infect them also with the HIV. Thiscan happen:

  • If contaminated instruments are used to pierce the skin during:
    • injections
    • circumcision
    • scarrification
    • ear piercing
    • tatooing
    • acupuncture
    (Infection can be prevented if the equipment used is brand new, or is carefully sterilized each time it is used.)
  • From a blood transfusion with infected blood

Blood transfusions may be necessary:

  • after a bad accident, if someone has lost a lot of blood;
  • during a hospital operation;
  • after childbirth, if the mother has lost much blood; or
  • if a person is anaemic due to bilharzia, hookworm or malaria parasites.

If the blood or equipment used is contaminated with HIV, this will be transmitted to the person receiving the blood, and so theywill also become infected.

All equipment used for blood transfusions should be sterilized before it is used. In some countries all blood which has beendonated is tested for HIV infection, and only non-infected blood is used. More and more countries are now trying to do this.

There is no risk in donating blood if the equipment is new or properly sterilized.

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How does aids affect the eyes?

Cotton Wool Spots - AIDS can cause tiny amounts of bleeding and white spots in the retina. These white spots are called cotton woolspots.

CMV Retinitis - A serious infection of the retina is caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV).

About 20-30% of people with AIDS have CMV. Most infections happen when the number of T-cells gets dangerously low, usuallyunder 40. CMV can damage the eyes permanently.

Signs of CMV include:

  • Floating Spots
  • Flashing Lights
  • Blind Spots or Blurred Vision

Red Eye - People with AIDS sometimes have persistent infections.

Detached Retina - Sometimes CMV causes the retina to separate from the back of the eye. A detached retina can cause a seriousvision loss. Surgery is the only means of reattaching a detached retina.

Kaposi's Sarcoma - Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is a kind of tumor that looks like a bump on the eyelid or a spot on the white part of the eye. KSgrows slowly and does not harm the eye.

What are the treatments for AIDS eye problems?

There are two drugs to fight CMV infections. These drugs do not cure CMV, only slow it down. It is important to see anophthalmologist for regular eye exams in case CMV flares up. Early detection of CMV is vital to a positive outcome and if only one eye isinfected, the patient can protect the other eye by taking anti-CMV medicines.

Kaposi's sarcoma can be treated with radiation, laser surgery, freezing or surgery.

Each disease has its own treatment. An ophthalmologist should be consulted for an accurate diagnosis.


HIV/AIDS and malnutrition are interrelated. In fact, in Africa AIDS was initially known as 'slim disease' because of the wastingsyndrome typically experienced by people with the disease. Research suggests that malnutrition increases the risk of progression of HIVinfection, and it may also increase the risk of HIV transmission from mother to baby. In turn, HIV infection makes malnutrition worse through itsattacks on the immune system and its impact on nutrient intake, absorption and the body's use of food. Malnutrition associated with HIV infection hasserious and direct implications for the quality of life of people with HIV/AIDS. Weight loss is often the event that begins a vicious circle ofincreased fatigue and decreased physical activity, including the inability to prepare and consume food and reduced work productivity.

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