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In some disciplines, authors have already begun to take advantage of this added digital functionality. In others, the needs of authors for innovative online features are just beginning to emerge. As an example of the former, beginning with the 2010 volume year, the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) will make its journal available online with enhanced digital functionality. In addition to delivering the articles published in the print edition, the journal’s online version will incorporate multimedia features, including film and video clips, sound, 3D computer models, zoomable images, and GIS map integration. As part of the transition, the journal’s editors are seeking submissions from authors whose work will take full advantage of the capabilities offered by online presentation. SAH press release, “JSAH Receives Grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; SAH Will Move JSAH Online Within a Year,” dated January 21, 2009 (www.SAH.org).

Greater reader reach

A number of surveys indicate that researcher preference for online journals continues to increase, allowing online journals to reach larger, wider audiences than do print-only journals. For an overview, see Rowland (2007); also see Brown and Swan (2007); Inger and Gardner (2008); Tenopir (2003); and Stanford (2002). Significantly, such audience reach is consistently considered among the most important characteristics cited by authors—along with a reputation for quality and selectivity—in selecting publishing venues. Several recent author preference studies—including faculty across the arts, sciences, and professions from around the world—rank wide circulation and readership within one’s field as the most important characteristics in selecting a publishing venue. Housewright and Schonfeld (2008), 20-21; Rowlands, Nicholas, and Huntingdon (2004); and Harley et al . (2007).

Online publication also facilitates an author’s compliance with a funder-mandated requirement to deposit sponsored research in an online repository. Several large government and foundation research funders now mandate such online deposit, and an increasing number of funders are adopting such policies. On research deposit mandates, see “Open Access,” in Chapter Five. Additionally, online publication makes it easier for authors to voluntarily self-archive their work by posting electronic versions to personal Web sites and to institutional and discipline-specific online repositories.

Greater research impact

Author surveys consistently report the importance to authors of the impact of their research, whether ranked by ISI/Thomson Scientific Impact Factor or measured by new Web-based bibliometrics. Housewright and Schonfeld (2008) and Rowlands, Nicholas, and Huntingdon (2004). Not only do online journals get used more heavily than their print counterparts, but evidence continues to mount that online availability increases citation rates for published research. See, for example, McDonald (2006); Chu and Krichel (2007); Kurtz et al . (2005); and Hitchcock, “The effect of open access and downloads ('hits') on citation impact: a bibliography of studies.” OpCit Project ( (External Link) . This site is not limited to studies of open-access models. Additionally, the ability to provide large supplemental data sets or, potentially, a wider variety of visual evidence, can also positively affect citation impact. Piwowar, Day, and Fridsma (2007).

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