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“You can look at Holly Edward’s “Noble Dreams, Wicked Pleasures” for other orientalist advertisements and pamphlets.”

“You may very well know more than I do about the specific history of the use of pyramids to represent Egypt to the West. I think, however, that it may dateback to the Napoleonic invasion of the late 17th-early 18th century.”

“The image suggests a peaceful and mutually beneficial relation between England and Egypt, a favorite motif of imperial art, which flourished in the 1880s,90s, and the first decade of the 20th century.”

“The border design is related, in my opinion, to a very old European visual motif, the trophy, which dates back to ancient Rome: originally, this was notan object such as we would now call a “trophy,” but an stylized representation of fighting implements—lances, spears, etc.—hung in or resting against a tree torepresent a victorious outcome of a battle. Fabric swathes or something like them are also a part of the motif, originally I suppose pennants or banners and laterflags or flag-like designs, like those you see here. You could look up more about this in a reference book on design and ornament.”

“In Britain, there was an elaborate discourse of ornament, particularly around the middle of c 19: Owen Jones, for instance, wrote “The Grammar ofOrnament,” and was especially interested in middle-eastern art and design. There is also Cannadine’s book. You can find lots of interesting work done on ornament.”

”The specific designation of the object as a Souvenir is a common practice from the mid-Victorian period on.”

We have a number of very helpful suggestions here, which we will continually reference as we move on to the identification of the symbols of theSouvenir of Egypt.

Following a subject thread online through your library's catalog

Before we begin chasing after individual symbols, let's accumulate some resources from the suggestions we received from the experts. To do this, we aregoing to begin a subject thread and follow it through the works it produces, locating similar works and logging subject headings for the works that seem the mostpromising. If you would like to skip this exercise you can skip to Symbol 1 .

We will begin with a keyword search. The most general wording for our interest here would be "symbolism in art." We will be searching the catalog atFondren Library at Rice University, but the same techniques will produce the samesort of results at any university library.

We get 1480 results, but fortunately we find a promising one just a few entries into the list.

Symbols and allegories in art
Find the option that opens the full entry view. There are a few areas we want to pay special attention to here:

Take a look at the way it is categorized. (For more information on this subject, please visit our discussion of the Library of Congress .)

It is listed as being part of a series called "A guide to imagery," which means there are related works available.

By selecting the link we find a work that looks very promising for the identification of our images of plants. Take care to note these works and categoriesof identification. We also find Nature and its symbols by Lucia Impelluso (2004). Back to our first find, we also must explore its subject heading.
Subject Terms: Symbolism in Art--Dictionaries; Art, European--Dictionaries
Let's select Symbolism in Art--Dictionaries, which may provide books that offer brief definitions.of the different symbols we've identified. Many works are categorized according to this heading, including James Hall's Illustrated dictionary of symbols in eastern and western art (1994).A little further exploration of the various listings and their headings produces many more subject headings, the most productive for our search being Signsand Symbols. A little digging here gives us works such as Jean Chevalier's A Dictionary of Symbols (1994).

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