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Walker, George (1689.). A true account of the siege of London-Derry. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, George (1689.). A vindication of the true account of the siege of Derry in Ireland. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, George (1689.). The substance of a sermon, being an incouragement for Protestants,. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, George (1690.). The Protestant's crums of comfort. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). A remarkable revelation of the wandrings of the Church of England idolatry, superstition and ceremonies. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). A terrible out-cry against the loytering exalted prelates. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). A trve copie of the disputation held betweene Master Walker and a Iesuite in the house of one Thomas Bates in Bishops Court in the Old Baily concerning the ecclesiasticall function. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). Taylors physicke has purged the Divel, or, The Divell has got a squirt. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). The churches purity, or, The difference betweene the churches frame in darke times and her settlement in the purest times. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). The heavenly guide to true peace of conscience. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1641.). The prelates pride, or, The manifestation, that the bishops lordly government from the originall institution, is not de iure divino, by divine right, but meerely humane and contrary both to the holy word of God, the practice of the Apostles, and of the primitive churches in the purest times. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (1644.). Ecce homo, the little Parliament unbowelled. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Henry (9, 1642.). Five lookes over the professors of the English Bible. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, John (1616.). The English pharise, or religious ape. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, John (1684.). The antidote, or, A seasonable discourse on Rom. 13. 1. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Obadiah (1659.). Periamma 'epidermion, or, Vulgar errours in practice censured. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Obadiah (1673.). Of education, especially of young gentlemen. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Obadiah (1680.). Of the benefits of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to mankind. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Obadiah (1688]). Of faith necessary to salvation and of the necessary ground of faith salvifical. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Obadiah (1691.). Some instructions in the art of grammar. EEBO-TCP.

Walker, Obadiah (1692.). The Greek and Roman history illustrated by coins&medals. EEBO-TCP.

Walkington, Thomas (1607.). The optick glasse of humors, or, The touchstone of a golden temperature, or, The Philosophers stone to make a golden temper. EEBO-TCP.

Walkington, Thomas (1608.). Salomons sweete harpe. EEBO-TCP.

Walkington, Thomas (1620.). Rabboni. EEBO-TCP.

Walkley, Thomas (1630.). A catalogue of the nobility of England, Scotland, and Ireland. EEBO-TCP.

Wall, John (1653.). Ramus olivæ, sive Concio eireno-deetiké. EEBO-TCP.

Waller, Edmund (1641.). An honorable and learned speech made by Mr. Waller in Parliament. EEBO-TCP.

Waller, Edmund (1642.). A vindication of the King. EEBO-TCP.

Waller, Edmund (1642.). To the Kings most Excellent Majesty. EEBO-TCP.

Waller, Edmund (1645.). The vvorkes of Edmond VValler, Esquire, lately a member of the Honourable House of Commons in this present Parliament. EEBO-TCP.

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