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Taylor, Thomas (1624.). Tvvo sermons. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1625.). A good husband and a good wife. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1628.). The practise of repentance. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1629.). A man in Christ, or, A new creature. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1629.). The valevv of true valour, or, The probation and approbation of a right military man. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1630.). The progresse of saints to full holinesse. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1631.). Circumspect walking. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1631.). Regula vitæ. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1633.). Christs victorie over the Dragon, or, Satans downfall. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1633.). Three treatises. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1635.). The principles of Christian practice. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1635]). Christ revealed, or, The Old Testament explained. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1641.). A treatise of contentment. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1642.). The second part of the theatre of Gods ivdgments. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1653.). Moses and Aaron, or, The types and shadovvs of our Saviour in the Old Testament. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1653.). Peter his repentance. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1660.). Testimony for the Lord God, and his work in the Earth. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1661?]). A faithful warning to out-side professors, and loose pretenders to Christianity of all sorts. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1661.). Gods controversie with England declared, or, A warning-word by way of reproof to the inhabitants thereof .... EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1666.). A loving exhortation to all kings, princes, potentates, bishops and people in the whole Christendom. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1667]). A vvarning to the nations to lay aside all prejudice and enmity. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1670.). A testimony to the true and spiritual worship. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1671.). Baxter's book entitul'd The cure of church-divisions answer'd&confuted. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1675.). A testimony for the Lord, the good shepherd against all the false shepherds and hirelings of the world. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1679]). To the people at and about Stafford. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1693.). The true light shining in darkness. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1697.). A sermon preach'd in the parish church of Burcester in the county of Oxford, on the second day of December, 1697. EEBO-TCP.

Taylor, Thomas (1697.). Ignorance and error reproved. EEBO-TCP.

Telfair, Alexander (1696.). A true relation of an apparition. EEBO-TCP.

Telin, Guillaume (1592.). Archaioplutos, or, The riches of elder ages. EEBO-TCP.

Temple, Richard (1696.). Some short remarks upon Mr. Lock's book. EEBO-TCP.

Temple, William (1605.). A logicall analysis of twentie select Psalmes. EEBO-TCP.

Temple, William (1670?]). Poems by Sir W.T.. EEBO-TCP.

Temple, William (1673?]). An essay upon the advancement of trade in Ireland. EEBO-TCP.

Temple, William (1673.). Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands. EEBO-TCP.

Temple, William (1680.). Miscellanea .... EEBO-TCP.

Temple, William (1690.). Miscellanea.. EEBO-TCP.

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