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Gayton, Edmund (1662]). Upon Mr. Bobard's yew-men of the guards to the physick garden. EEBO-TCP.

Gayton, Edmund (1663.). The religion of a physician, or, Divine meditations upon the grand and lesser festivals, commanded to be observed in the Church of England by act of Parliament. EEBO-TCP.

Gayton, Edmund (1666.). The glorious and living cinque-ports of our fortunate island. EEBO-TCP.

Gayton, Edmund (1666]). To Mr. Robert Whitehall at the wels at Astrop. EEBO-TCP.

Gebhard (1583.). A declaration made by the Archbishop of Collen, vpon the deede of his mariage, sent to the states of his archbishoprike. EEBO-TCP.

Geddes, William (1683]). The saints recreation, third part, upon the estate of grace. EEBO-TCP.

Geninges, John (1614.). The life and death of Mr. Edmund Geninges priest, crowned with martyrdome at London, the 10. day of Nouember, in the yeare M.D.XCI.. EEBO-TCP.

Gentleman at York (1688?]). Popish treaties not to be rely'd on. EEBO-TCP.

Gentleman in Algier (1682.). The present state of Algeir. EEBO-TCP.

Gentleman of the town of Elvas (1686.). A relation of the invasion and conquest of Florida by the Spaniards under the command of Fernando de Soto. EEBO-TCP.

Gentleman, Tobias (1614.). Englands vvay to vvin vvealth, and to employ ships and marriners, or, A plaine description of what great profite, it will bring vnto the common- wealth of England, by the erecting, building, and aduenturing of busses, to sea, a fishing. EEBO-TCP.

Gerard, John (1633.). The herball, or, Generall historie of plantes. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1646]). To the honnorable the Commons of the realme of England, assembled in Parliament. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1649?]). To the right honourable the Parliament and the Councell of State of England, the most humble expression of Sir Balthazar Gerbier. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1650?]). To the Parliament, the most humble remonstrance of Sr. Balthazar Gerbier, Kt.. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1650.). The art of well speaking. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1650.). The first lecture being an introduction to the military architecture, or fortifications. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1651]). To the supreme authority, the Parliament of the Common-vvealth of England. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1660.). A sommary description manifesting that greater profits are to bee done in the hott then in the could [sic] parts off the coast off America. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1662.). A brief discourse concerning the three chief principles of magnificent building. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1664.). The first and second part of counsel and advice to all builders. EEBO-TCP.

Gerbier, Balthazar (1665.). Subsidium peregrinantibus, or, An assistance to a traveller. EEBO-TCP.

Gerhard, Johann (1632.). A golden chaine of divine aphorismes. EEBO-TCP.

Gerhard, Johann (1638.). Gerards prayers, or, A daylie practice of pietie. EEBO-TCP.

Gerhard, Johann (1638]). Gerards meditations. EEBO-TCP.

German (1599.). Historia de donne famose, or, The Romaine iubile which happened in the yeare 855. EEBO-TCP.

Questions & Answers

how did Mc connel defined economics
Isaac Reply
what is a economy planning?
Jacob Reply
what is demand
Sunday Reply
demand means desire for a commodity backed by willingness & ability to pay for that commodity
what is supply
supply means suppliers supplying more commodities when price's high or less when price's low to satisfy human want
the coefficient of price elasticity of supply is the measure of percentage change in the quantity supplied of a good due to a given percentage change in its price.
Please what is Economics of Scales?
what is cardinal and ordinal utility?
Cardinal utility is the satisfaction derived by the consumers from the consumption of goods and services while ordinal is ranked in terms of preference.
Please explain what is meant by Economic Integration?
Please I need help!!!!
economics scales I don't know but I know laws of returns to scale
can someone help explain to me what is fairly inelastic dd
Economics Economics - The study of how people use their limited resources to try to satisfy unlimited wants
Economic integration has been one of the main economic developments affecting international trade in the last years. Countries have wanted to engage in economic cooperation to use their respective resources more effectively and to provide large markets for member-countries of the resulting integrate
Inelastic Demand When consumers are relatively unresponsive to price changes. A PED coefficient of less than one means that a particular change in the price of a good will be met by a proportionally smaller change in the quantity demanded.
what is development planning?
Emmanuel Reply
What is economics?
Shubham Reply
economics is study of scarcity and how humans make decisions.
reason for development planning in West Africa
what is development planning?
What is homo Economicus?
nongo Reply
when a person is part 50% rational and the other part of him is 50% focused on money as an incentive
what makes the economy to be stable
what measures are necessary to the economy which is not doing fine
must find out the problems originating from and take remedy for it.
Economics as a social science Discuss
list and explain three implication of balance of payment disequilibrium
Jayson Reply
In economics pollution, what's spillover?
Chinedum Reply
what is net national income
Ibrahim Reply
relation between business economics and traditional economics
Netra Reply
more explanation on GDP
Isaac Reply
it is a country total out put of goods and services divided by the total population of the country.I think it can also be derived from the country labour force,,because it mostly depend on the labour force and the level of technology .
labour force and technological progress leads to greater production increases the GDP
what is elasticity of demand
degree of responsiveness of demand to changes in price and other factors that influence demand.
It is the degree of responsiveness of demand and supply to a little change in price of a goods and services
What is economics?
Bubu Reply
by this time
It is a social science that analyses production,distribution and consumption of goods and services
A social science that study human behavior in relationship with decision making
a social science that studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which has alternative uses
it is a science that study human begin as a relation to ends and scarce should which have alternative uses
the science in which we study about the investement of our wealth.
what is competitive demand
a competitive demand is also known as substitute demand .the moment the price of the commodity increase consumers will purchase the other other commodity which it's price is low and the vice versa. an example is milo and bournvita
what is different between equilibrium and demand?
equilibrium is a situation where market is stable there is no entry nor exit. demand is the willingness to pay Which is backed by law.
list and explain three implication of balance of payment disequilibrium?
Economics is a social science that study's human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scares means which have alternative uses
What are the typical patterns of GDP for a high-income economy like the United States in the long run and the short run?
mwangala Reply
What are the limitation and significant of macroeconomic
Usman Reply
Got questions? Join the online conversation and get instant answers!
Jobilize.com Reply

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