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Erasmus, Desiderius (1532?]). De co[n]temptu mundi. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1532] the. x. daye of Septe[m]bre]). De ciuilitate morun [sic]puerilium. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1533, i.e. 1534]). Bellum Erasmi. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1533?]). A sermon. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1533]). A booke called in latyn Enchiridion militis christiani, and in englysshe The manuell of the christen knyght. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1534?]]). An epystell of ye famous doctor Erasm[us]of Roterdam. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1534].). The paraphrase of Erasm[us]Roterdame vpon [the] epistle of sai[n]t Paule vnto his discyple Titus. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1534]]). [Ye dyaloge called Funus]. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1534]]). A playne and godly exposytion or declaratio[n]of the co[m]mune crede (which in the Latin tonge is called Symbolum Apostolorum). EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1535?]). A lytle treatise of the maner and forme of confession,. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1535]]). The dyaloge bytwene Iulius the seconde, Genius, and saynt Peter .... EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1536?]). [A ryght excellent sermon and full of frute and edificacyon of the chylde Jesus.]. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1536?]). A ryght frutefull epystle,. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1537?]]). Declamatio in laudem nobilissimæ artis medicinæ.. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1537]). An exposicyon of the .xv. psalme. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1537]). The comparation of a vyrgin and a martyr. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1538]]). Preparation to deathe. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1539.). Prouerbes, or, Adagies. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1540?]). A dialoge or communication of two persons. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1540]). Flores aliquot sententiarum ex variis collecti scriptoribus. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1542 [September] Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.). Apophthegmes. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1543?]]). Here folowith a scorneful image or monstrus shape of a maruelous stra[n]ge fygure called, Sileni alcibiadis. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1547?]). An epistle of the famous clerke Erasmus of Roterodame, concernynge the veryte of the sacrament of Christes body and bloude. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1548 [31 Jan. 1548]). The first tome or volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus vpon the Newe Testamente. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1549]). The praise of folie. = Moriæ encomium. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1550?].). The censure and iudgement of the famous clark Erasmus of Roterodam, whyther dyuorsemente betwene man and wyfe stondeth with the lawe of God. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1557]). A mery dialogue, declaringe the propertyes of shrowde shrewes, and honest wyues. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1559.). The complaint of peace.. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1606.). Seven dialogues both pithie and profitable. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1621.). Adagia in Latine and English. EEBO-TCP.

Erasmus, Desiderius (1683.). Witt against wisdom, or, A panegyrick upon folly. EEBO-TCP.

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