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Elizabeth I (1642). Queene Elizabeths speech to her last Parliament. WWP.

Elizabeth I (1643-01-28). A most excellent and remarkable speech, delivered by that mirrour and miracle of princes, Queen Elizabeth. WWP.

Elizabeth I (1654). Cabala, sive scrinia sacra: mysteries of state. WWP.

Elizabeth I (1679). The last speech and thanks of Queen Elizabeth of ever blessed memory, to her last Parliament, after her delivery from the Popish plots, etc.. WWP.

Elizabeth I (1688). A speech made by Queen Elizabeth (of famous memory) in Parliament, anno 1593. WWP.

Elizabeth I (1693). A compleat journal of the votes, speeches, and debates.... WWP.

Elizabeth I (1693). A compleat journal of the votes, speeches, and debates.... WWP.

Elizabeth I, Queen (1964). Elizabeth I: Poems (1964). CH.

Elizabeth of York(). Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York: Wardrobe Accounts of Edward IV. R3.

Elizabeth_I (1569). A Proclamation agaynst the maintenaunce of Pirates. . RE.

Elizabeth_I (1591). A Proclamation. for restitution of goods lately taken on the Seas. . RE.

Elizabeth_I (1602?). Elizabeth I's Speech to her Last Parliament (The Golden Speech). . RE.

Ellis, Clement (1658.). Piæ juventuti sacrum, an elegie on the death of the most vertuous and hopefull young gentleman, George Pitt, esq. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1660.). The gentile sinner, or, Englands brave gentleman characterized in a letter to a friend. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1661.). A sermon preached on the 29th of May 1661. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1674.). A catechism wherein the learner is at once taught to rehearse and prove all the main points of Christian religion. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1674.). The vanity of scoffing, or, A letter to a witty gentleman. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1684.). The right foundation of quietness, obedience, and concord. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1685.). The communicant's guide, shewing a safe and easie way to the Lord's table. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1687.). A letter to a friend. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1688.). The Protestant resolved, or, A discourse shewing the unreasonableness of his turning Roman Catholick for salvation. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1691.). The necessity of serious consideration, and speedy repentance, as the only way to be safe both living and dying. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1692.). The folly of atheism demonstrated to the capacity of the most unlearned reader. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1692.). The lambs of Christ fed with sincere milk of the Word. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, Clement (1694.). The Christian hearer's first lesson. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, G. (1605.). The lamentation of the lost sheepe. EEBO-TCP.

Ellis, John (1700.). A defence of the Thirty nine articles of the Church of England. EEBO-TCP.

Ellwood, Thomas (1676.). Truth prevailing and detecting error, or, An answer to a book mis-called, A friendly conference between a minister and a parishioner of his, inclining to Quakerism,&c.. EEBO-TCP.

Ellwood, Thomas (1678.). The foundation of tythes shaken. EEBO-TCP.

Ellwood, Thomas (1683.). A caution to constables and other inferiour officers, concerned in the execution of the Conventicle-Act. EEBO-TCP.

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