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Number concept

Educator section


Test 2

1. 1.1 Sum

1.2 Substraction

2. 2.1 True

  • True

3. 2 382 + 12 018 = 14 400

4 214 + 45 116 = 49 330

= 63 730

4. 4.1 1 143 269

4.2 5 261 380 + 43 826

5.1 R13 + R54 + R8 + R130 = R205

5.2 R204,32

6. 7 637 261

7.1 8 035 933

7.2 8 621 704

Leaner section


Activity: to solve problems in context [lo1.6.1]

** This is a task for your portfolio – do it without your pocket calculator! Be sure that you really understand what you have to do. Consider the assessment criteria before you start! Ask your educator for the paper that you will need:

1. Page through the local newspaper and find three advertisements that offer houses for sale. The prices should all be more than one million rand. Cut out the advertisements neatly and paste them on your sheet of paper. Calculate the combined price of the three houses.

2. Page through the newspaper again to find three examples of flats that are for sale. Also cut these out neatly and paste them on your paper. Calculate the combined price of the most expensive and the least expensive flats.

3. Now look for examples of three cars that are for sale. These must also be cut out and pasted neatly. Calculate the combined cost of the three cars.

4. Now select one house or flat and one car and calculate what you will have to pay for these items.

Criteria 1 2 3 4
Neatness Cut out untidily. Badly pasted. Cut out untidily.Pasted. Cut out fairly neatly. Pasted reasonably neatly. Very neatly cut out and well glued.
Completeness Hardly any of the instructions have been carried out. Only half of the instructions have been carried out. 1 or 2 instructions have not been carried out. All instructions have been completed.
Correctness of calculations All calculations are incorrect. Many mistakes occur. Few mistakes occur. All answers are correctly calculated.


1. Fill in the missing words:

1.1 The answer of an addition sum is called the ___________________________

1.2 __________________________ is the inverse of addition. (2)

2. True / False:

2.1 27 more than 12 849 is 12 876.

2.2 869 213 is 9 100 more than 860 113. (2)

3. Calculate the answers to the following by grouping the numbers:

2 382 + 4 214 + 12 018 + 45 116

___________________ + ___________________ = ___________________

___________________ + ___________________ = ___________________

= ___________________ (5)

4. Fill in the missing numbers:

4.1 123 896 + 1 143 269 = ___________________ + 123 896

4.2 5 261 380 + (43 826 + 45 793) = (___________________ +

___________________) + 45 793 (3)

5. Nancy is shopping and packs the following items in her basket:

Mini tea cookies - R 12,69

Meat - R 54,29

Cheese - R 7,84

Frying pan - R129,50

5.1 Calculate how much money she needs by rounding off to the nearest rand.







5.2 Calculate the exact amount that she has to pay:






6. Ebrahim had to calculate the following: 4 167 809 + 3 469 452

He forgot to complete the sum. Now do it on his behalf:

4 1 6 7 8 0 9

+ 3 4 6 9 4 5 2

7 _ 3 _ _ 6 _ (2)

7. Calculate the following by using the shortest method possible:

7.1 4 138 269 + 3 897 664




_____________________________________________________________________ (2)

7.2 5 963 287 + 2 658 417




_____________________________________________________________________ (2)

  • Complete by colouring in the appropriate block:

I am


to advance to the next Learning Unit.


Learning Outcome 1: The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent numbers and their relationships, and to count, estimate, calculate and check with competence and confidence in solving problems.

Assessment Standard 1.6: We know this when the learner solves problems in context including contexts that may be used to build awareness of other Learning Areas, as well as human rights, social, economic and environmental issues such as:

1.6.1: financial (including buying and selling, profit and loss, simple budgets, reading and interpreting accounts, and discount).

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