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14 . c. Iris

15 . c. Student's t

16 . b. is left-tailed.

17 . c. cluster sampling

18 . b. median

19 . a. the probability that an outcome of the data will happen purely by chance when the null hypothesis is true.

20 . d. stratified

21 . b. 25

22 . c. 4

23 . a. (1.85, 2.32)

24 . c. Both above are correct.

25 . c. 5.8

26 . c. 0.6321

27 . a. 0.8413

28 . a. (0.6030, 0.7954)

29 . a. N 145 14 10

30 . d. 3.66

31 . b. 5.1

32 . a. 13.46

33 . b. There is a strong linear pattern. Therefore, it is most likely a good model to be used.

34 . b. Chi 2 3 .

35 . d. 70

36 . b. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that the choice of major and the gender of the student are not independent of each other.

37 . a. Chi 2 goodness-of-fit

Practice final exam 2

1 . A study was done to determine the proportion of teenagers that own a car. The population proportion of teenagers that own a car is the:

  1. statistic.
  2. parameter.
  3. population.
  4. variable.

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises:

value frequency
0 1
1 4
2 7
3 9
6 4

2 . The box plot for the data is:

This shows 4 boxplots, each over a number line scaled from 0 - 6. Boxplot (a) has left whisker from 0 to 2, box from 2 to 3, and right whisker from 3 to 6. Boxplot (b) has left whisker from 0 to 1, box from 1 to 4 with a dashed line at 3, and right whisker from 4 to 6. Boxplot (c) has box from 0 to 4 with a dashed line at 3 and right whisker from 4 to 6. Boxplot (d) has left whisker from 0 to 1, box from 1 to 3 with a dashed line at 2, and right whisker from 3 to 6.

3 . If six were added to each value of the data in the table, the 15 th percentile of the new list of values is:

  1. six
  2. one
  3. seven
  4. eight

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises: Suppose that the probability of a drought in any independent year is 20%. Out of those years in which a drought occurs, the probability of water rationing is ten percent. However, in any year, the probability of water rationing is five percent.

4 . What is the probability of both a drought and water rationing occurring?

  1. 0.05
  2. 0.01
  3. 0.02
  4. 0.30

5 . Which of the following is true?

  1. Drought and water rationing are independent events.
  2. Drought and water rationing are mutually exclusive events.
  3. None of the above

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises: Suppose that a survey yielded the following data:

Favorite pie
gender apple pumpkin pecan
female 40 10 30
male 20 30 10

6 . Suppose that one individual is randomly chosen. The probability that the person’s favorite pie is apple or the person is male is _____.

  1. 40 60
  2. 60 140
  3. 120 140
  4. 100 140

7 . Suppose H 0 is: Favorite pie and gender are independent. The p -value is ______.

  1. ≈ 0
  2. 1
  3. 0.05
  4. cannot be determined

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises: Let’s say that the probability that an adult watches the news at least once per week is 0.60. We randomly survey 14 people. Of interest is the number of people who watch the news at least once per week.

8 . Which of the following statements is FALSE?

  1. X ~ B (14 0.60)
  2. The values for x are: {1 ,2 ,3 ,... ,14}.
  3. μ = 8.4
  4. P ( X = 5) = 0.0408

9 . Find the probability that at least six adults watch the news at least once per week.

  1. 6 14
  2. 0.8499
  3. 0.9417
  4. 0.6429

10 . The following histogram is most likely to be a result of sampling from which distribution?

This graph is an unlabeled histogram. The distribution is roughly symmetric. There is a single peak in the center of the graph and heights of bars decrease from that point toward each end of the graph.
  1. chi-square with df = 6
  2. exponential
  3. uniform
  4. binomial

11 . The ages of campus day and evening students is known to be normally distributed. A sample of six campus day and evening students reported their ages (in years) as: {18, 35, 27, 45, 20, 20}. What is the error bound for the 90% confidence interval of the true average age?

  1. 11.2
  2. 22.3
  3. 17.5
  4. 8.7

Questions & Answers

what is standard deviation?
Jawed Reply
It is the measure of the variation of certain values from the Mean (Center) of a frequency distribution of sample values for a particular Variable.
Yeah....the simplest one
what is the number of x
Godgift Reply
Javed Arif
how will you know if a group of data set is a sample or population
Kingsley Reply
population is the whole set and the sample is the subset of population.
if the data set is drawn out of a larger set it is a sample and if it is itself the whole complete set it can be treated as population.
hello everyone if I have the data set which contains measurements of each part during 10 years, may I say that it's the population or it's still a sample because it doesn't contain my measurements in the future? thanks
Pls I hv a problem on t test is there anyone who can help?
What's your problem Peggy Abang
Bhavika is right
what is the problem peggy?
hii Bhavika
Hi eny population has a special definition. if that data set had all of characteristics of definition, that is population. otherwise that is a sample
three coins are tossed. find the probability of no head
Kanwal Reply
three coins are tossed consecutively or what ?
p(getting no head)=1/8
or .125 is the probability of getting no head when 3 coins are tossed
what is two tailed test
Umar Reply
if the diameter will be greater than 3 cm then the bullet will not fit in the barrel of the gun so you are bothered for both the sides.
in this test you are worried on both the ends
lets say you are designing a bullet for thw gun od diameter equals 3cm.if the diameter of the bullet is less than 3 cm then you wont be able to shoot it
In order to apply weddles rule for numerical integration what is minimum number of ordinates
Anjali Reply
excuse me?
didn't understand the question though.
which question? ?
We have rules of numerical integration like Trapezoidal rule, Simpson's 1/3 and 3/8 rules, Boole's rule and Weddle rule for n =1,2,3,4 and 6 but for n=5?
geometric mean of two numbers 4 and 16 is:
iphone Reply
quartile deviation of 8 8 8 is:
sorry 8 is the geometric mean of 4,16
quartile deviation of 8 8 8 is
can you please expalin the whole question ?
can you please post the picture of that ?
10 now
how to find out the value
srijth Reply
can you be more specific ?
what is the difference between inferential and descriptive statistics
Eze Reply
descriptive statistics gives you the result on the the data like you can calculate various things like variance,mean,median etc. however, inferential stats is involved in prediction of future trends using the previous stored data.
if you need more help i am up for the help.
Thanks a lot
Inferential Statistics involves drawing conclusions on a population based on analysis of a sample. Descriptive statistics summarises or describes your current data as numerical calculations or graphs.
my pleasure😊. Helping others offers me satisfaction 😊
for poisson distribution mean............variance.
mehul Reply
both are equal to mu
what is a variable
Bonolo Reply
something that changes
why we only calculate 4 moment of mean? asked in papers.
Faizan Reply
why we only 4 moment of mean ? asked in BA exam
Good evening, can you please help me by sharing regression and correlation analysis notes....thank you in advance
Refiloe Reply
Hello, can you please share the possible questions that are likely to be examined under the topic: regression and correlation analysis.
for normal distribution mean is 2 & variance is 4 find mu 4?
Faizan Reply
repeat quastion again
find mu 4. it can be wrong but want to prove how.
for a normal distribution if mu 4 is 12 then find mu 3?
Faizan Reply
Question hi wrong ha
ye BA mcqs me aya he teen he. 2dafa aya he
if X is normally distributed. (n,b). then its mean deviation is?
The answer is zero, because all odd ordered central moments of a normal distribution are Zero.
which question is zero
sorry it is (5,16) in place of (n,b)
I got. thanks. it is zero.
a random variable having binomial distribution is?

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