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Use the following information to answer the next three exercises: De Anza College keeps statistics on the pass rate of students who enroll in math classes. In a sample of 1,795 students enrolled in Math 1A (1st quarter calculus), 1,428 passed the course. In a sample of 856 students enrolled in Math 1B (2nd quarter calculus), 662 passed. In general, are the pass rates of Math 1A and Math 1B statistically the same? Let A = the subscript for Math 1A and B = the subscript for Math 1B.

11 . If you were to conduct an appropriate hypothesis test, the alternate hypothesis would be:

  1. H a : p A = p B
  2. H a : p A > p B
  3. H o : p A = p B
  4. H a : p A p B

12 . The Type I error is to:

  1. conclude that the pass rate for Math 1A is the same as the pass rate for Math 1B when, in fact, the pass rates are different.
  2. conclude that the pass rate for Math 1A is different than the pass rate for Math 1B when, in fact, the pass rates are the same.
  3. conclude that the pass rate for Math 1A is greater than the pass rate for Math 1B when, in fact, the pass rate for Math 1A is less than the pass rate for Math 1B.
  4. conclude that the pass rate for Math 1A is the same as the pass rate for Math 1B when, in fact, they are the same.

13 . The correct decision is to:

  1. reject H 0
  2. not reject H 0
  3. There is not enough information given to conduct the hypothesis test

Kia, Alejandra, and Iris are runners on the track teams at three different schools. Their running times, in minutes, and the statistics for the track teams at their respective schools, for a one mile run, are given in the table below:

Running Time School Average Running Time School Standard Deviation
Kia 4.9 5.2 0.15
Alejandra 4.2 4.6 0.25
Iris 4.5 4.9 0.12

14 . Which student is the BEST when compared to the other runners at her school?

  1. Kia
  2. Alejandra
  3. Iris
  4. Impossible to determine

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises: The following adult ski sweater prices are from the Gorsuch Ltd. Winter catalog: $212, $292, $278, $199, $280, $236

Assume the underlying sweater price population is approximately normal. The null hypothesis is that the mean price of adult ski sweaters from Gorsuch Ltd. is at least $275.

15 . The correct distribution to use for the hypothesis test is:

  1. Normal
  2. Binomial
  3. Student's t
  4. Exponential

16 . The hypothesis test:

  1. is two-tailed.
  2. is left-tailed.
  3. is right-tailed.
  4. has no tails.

17 . Sara, a statistics student, wanted to determine the mean number of books that college professors have in their office. She randomly selected two buildings on campus and asked each professor in the selected buildings how many books are in his or her office. Sara surveyed 25 professors. The type of sampling selected is

  1. simple random sampling.
  2. systematic sampling.
  3. cluster sampling.
  4. stratified sampling.

18 . A clothing store would use which measure of the center of data when placing orders for the typical "middle" customer?

  1. mean
  2. median
  3. mode
  4. IQR

19 . In a hypothesis test, the p -value is

  1. the probability that an outcome of the data will happen purely by chance when the null hypothesis is true.
  2. called the preconceived alpha.
  3. compared to beta to decide whether to reject or not reject the null hypothesis.
  4. Answer choices A and B are both true.

Questions & Answers

binomial distribution tends to normal distribution
Murali Reply
if sample size n very large and probability tends to 0.5 if these both conditions are satisfied by binomial distribution it would tends to normal distribution
n tends to infinite i.e large Probability tends to 0 i.e indefinitely small. np = lamda
the above is poison to Bin
no of trails n tends to indefinitely large..i.e infine neither p nor q is very small Then bin tends to normal
if the death of of the snow is my yard is normally distributed with the m is equals to 2.5 and what is the probability that a randomly chosen location with have a no that between 2.25 and 2.76
Sakshi Reply
why Statistics so hard
ho geya solve
it's not hard
it is hard 😭
it's just need to be concentrate
exactly..... concentration is very important
rewrite the question
what is the true statement about random variable?
Henna Reply
A consumer advocate agency wants to estimate the mean repair cost of a washing machine. the agency randomly selects 40 repair cost and find the mean to be $100.00.The standards deviation is $17.50. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the mean.
Deshah Reply
pls I need understand this statistics very will is giving me problem
Bolanle Reply
Sixty-four third year high school students were given a standardized reading comprehension test. The mean and standard deviation obtained were 52.27 and 8.24, respectively. Is the mean significantly different from the population mean of 50? Use the 5% level of significance.
Daryl Reply
how do I find the modal class
Bruce Reply
look for the highest occuring number in the class
the probability of an event occuring is defined as?
James Reply
The probability of an even occurring is expected event÷ event being cancelled or event occurring / event not occurring
what is simple bar chat
Toyin Reply
Simple Bar Chart is a Diagram which shows the data values in form of horizontal bars. It shows categories along y-axis and values along x-axis. The x-axis displays above the bars and y-axis displays on left of the bars with the bars extending to the right side according to their values.
statistics is percentage only
Moha Reply
the first word is chance for that we use percentages
it is not at all that statistics is a percentage only
I need more examples
Luwam Reply
how to calculate sample needed
Jim Reply
mole of sample/mole ratio or Va Vb
how to I solve for arithmetic mean
Joe Reply
Yeah. for you to say.
how do I solve for arithmetic mean
Joe Reply
please answer these questions
add all the data and divide by the number of data sets. For example, if test scores were 70, 60, 70, 80 the total is 280 and the total data sets referred to as N is 4. Therfore the mean or arthritmatic average is 70. I hope this helps.
*Tan A - Tan B = sin(A-B)/CosA CosB ... *2sinQ/Cos 3Q = tan 3Q - tan Q
Ibraheem Reply

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