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11 . What is the degrees of freedom ( df ) for this study?

12 . For a two-tailed 95% confidence interval, what is the appropriate t -value to use in the formula?

13 . What is the 95% confidence interval?

14 . What is the 99% confidence interval? Round to two decimal places.

15 . Suppose your sample size had been 30 rather than 20. What would the 95% confidence interval be then? Round to two decimal places

8.3: confidence interval for a population proportion

Use this information to answer the next four exercises. You conduct a poll of 500 randomly selected city residents, asking them if they own an automobile. 280 say they do own an automobile, and 220 say they do not.

16 . Find the sample proportion and sample standard deviation for this data.

17 . What is the 95% two-sided confidence interval? Round to four decimal places.

18 . Calculate the 90% confidence interval. Round to four decimal places.

19 . Calculate the 99% confidence interval. Round to four decimal places.

Use the following information to answer the next three exercises. You are planning to conduct a poll of community members age 65 and older, to determine how many own mobile phones. You want to produce an estimate whose 95% confidence interval will be within four percentage points (plus or minus) the true population proportion. Use an estimated population proportion of 0.5.

20 . What sample size do you need?

21 . Suppose you knew from prior research that the population proportion was 0.6. What sample size would you need?

22 . Suppose you wanted a 95% confidence interval within three percentage points of the population. Assume the population proportion is 0.5. What sample size do you need?

9.1: null and alternate hypotheses

23 . In your state, 58 percent of registered voters in a community are registered as Republicans. You want to conduct a study to see if this also holds up in your community. State the null and alternative hypotheses to test this.

24 . You believe that at least 58 percent of registered voters in a community are registered as Republicans. State the null and alternative hypotheses to test this.

25 . The mean household value in a city is $268,000. You believe that the mean household value in a particular neighborhood is lower than the city average. Write the null and alternative hypotheses to test this.

26 . State the appropriate alternative hypothesis to this null hypothesis: H 0 : μ = 107

27 . State the appropriate alternative hypothesis to this null hypothesis: H 0 : p <0.25

9.2: outcomes and the type i and type ii errors

28 . If you reject H 0 when H 0 is correct, what type of error is this?

29 . If you fail to reject H 0 when H 0 is false, what type of error is this?

30 . What is the relationship between the Type II error and the power of a test?

31 . A new blood test is being developed to screen patients for cancer. Positive results are followed up by a more accurate (and expensive) test. It is assumed that the patient does not have cancer. Describe the null hypothesis, the Type I and Type II errors for this situation, and explain which type of error is more serious.

Questions & Answers

what is the frequency
okoh Reply
Frequency is the number of all object which is comes from population or sample size
Denoted by f
number of all objects?
frequency is the rate of occurrence of an object
Explain nominal and ordinal variables
 nominal variables are those variable which is used to “name,” a series of values.
while  ordinal scales provide good information about the order of choices,for example in a customer satisfaction survey.
what is the difference between Mean and Varience?
Sum of total object, divided by number of object is called mean
faiqa U didn't clear me.Sorry
what is df in statistics
degre of freedom
Acquits the accused when in fact,he is ennocent
Barbie Reply
what is statistics
scholar Reply
statistics is a mathematical sciences which deals with collection,presentation and analysis the numerical data
statistics is a tools who convert data into information
method of collection of data
Abdul Reply
problems of find mean and standard deviation with drawing curve
Kukkuzz Reply
describe the methods of calculation of sample
Anuradha Reply
what are the various uses of statistics in education
Buhari Reply
Survey, Public allocation of federal funds, business analysis and consumer data, the lotto, government programs and special services.
probability sampling
Rosy Reply
dicuss probability sampling
given that a sample is normally distributed with M=10 sd=8 determine
disscuss probability sampling
Discuss probability sampling
What is mean
Probability sampling is based on the fact that every member of a population has a known and equal chance of being selected. For example, if you had a population of 100 people, each person would have odds of 1 out of 100 of being chosen. With non-probability sampling, those odds are not equal.
The Arithmetic Mean is the average of the numbers: a calculated "central" value of a set of numbers.  To calculate it:  • add up all the numbers, • then divide by how many numbers there are. Example: what is the mean of 2, 7 and 9? Add the numbers: 2 + 7 + 9 = 18 Divide by how many numbers, 3 you
get 6
guidelines of designing a table
you can find that information on this website there is a lot of information. It's about interpreting what the concept of information & data you are getting from the graph and understanding how to read the graph and analyze the information. ***understandinggraphics.com/design/data-table-design/
find X and Y so that the ordered data set has a mean of 38 and median of 35 17, 22, 26, 29, 34, X, 42, 67 , 70, Y
Frequency find questions
Rimsha Reply
What is nominal variable
olusola Reply
Write short notes on, nominal variable, ordinal variable, internal variable, ratio variable.
P( /x-50/ less than or equal to 5 ) where mean =52 and Variance =25
Jay Reply
how I get the mcq
Mukesh Reply
please what is data mining
Josephine Reply
the exploration and analysis of large data to discover meaningful patterns and rules
how do we calculate the median
All Reply
f(x)=cx(1-x)^4 as x range 4rm 0<=x<=1. Can someone pls help me find d constant C. By integration only..
Akeem Reply

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