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We have settled on three works to begin with--those of W.J. Gordon, F. Edward Hume, and Whitney Smith. Let's work from oldest to mostrecent. It is important for research involving such time-dependent artifacts as flags that we pay close attention to exactly when the informationwe are gathering on each flag was published.

"the flags of the world; their history, blazonry and associations" written by f. edward hulMe in 1897

In 1897 the world was a very different place. Consider for a moment the position of Britain. In 1897 the British Empire stretched over the entire globe and claimed ahold over the lands of hundreds of thousands of people who, today, recognize themselves as citizens of independent nations. This is an aspect of Hulme's perspective that we maywant to consider when reading his work.

A brief author search in the catalog reveals that Hulme wrote quite a few books in his time and on a variety of subjects. Although we do notknow if he was an expert on the subject we are researching, we do know that he felt qualified to write on wildflowers, symbolism in religious art, the meaningsof proverbs, interpretations of natural formations in European architecture, and floral design for the home and garden, and, as the listing on the title page of Flags of the World says,&c.,&c.".

Other works by Hulme, from title page to "Flags of the World"
What does this tell us? We know that the author felt qualified to write about a variety of things, not an uncommon self-attribution in Hulme's day, butyielding a less expert analysis than, say, someone who has spent his or her life studying one subject.

On the first page of the introduction, Hulme offers his perspective on the nature and function of heraldry:

"So soon as man passes from the lowest stage of barbarism the necessity for some special sign, distinguishing man from man,tribe from tribe, nation from nation, makes itself felt; and this prime necessity once met, around the symbol chosen spirit-stirring memories quickly gather that endear it, and make itthe emblem of the power and dignity of those by whom it is borne... the distinctive Union Flag of Britain, the tricolor of France, the gold and scarlet bars of the flag of Spain, all alikeappeal with irresistible force to the patriotism of those beneath their folds, and speak to them of the glories and greatness of the historic past, the duties of the present, and thehopes of the future..."
We have here several imperial motifs, such as the path from barbarism to civilization, the association of patriotism with emblems, etc. Although these observations donot immediately relate to our current task of identifying the flags, they could suggest a direction for a project examining, for instance, the social and political function of flags.

We do not locate our flag specifically in Hulme's book, but we do find this:

Flags similar to flag 1
Notice the two flags on the bottom of the page. We have a paired crescent moon and a star on a red background, but not three crescent/star pairs.

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