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After narrowing the topic, it is important to consider the approach to the thesis paper. The approach defines the specific subject and guides the direction of the content of the thesis paper. It also helps narrow the scope of the literature search. Three functional approaches for a medical thesis paper are:

Selecting an approach for your master's thesis paper
Approach Tasks to the Approach Supportive Evidence Based Data or Facts Needed Your Own Interpretation
  1. Search for clinical trials or laboratory results.
  2. Develop a hypothesis, problem or statement about laboratory tests or therapeutic treatments.
  1. Articles with numerical data and results from different studies that use the same/similar methods or procedures.
  2. Data must be complete and free of biases.
  1. Statistical analysis of sets of clinical data and results.
  2. Reaches a conclusion.
  3. Defends the conclusion.
  1. Search for new discoveries or findings in the medical field.
  2. Focus on one aspect ( prevention, diagnosis or treatment ) of a particular disease or condition.
  1. Articles about two new discoveries or findings on the chosen aspect.
  1. Determines which of the two new discoveries or findings is better.
  2. Defends the recommendation.
Clinical-case (PICO)
  1. Search the etiology, management, diagnosis and treatment of a particular disease or condition.
  2. Focus on one aspect of patient or medical care (management, diagnosis or treatment).
  1. Articles about a new change, improvement or regulation and the current practice or standard on the chosen aspect.
  1. Evaluates why the new improvement is better than the current practice or standard.
  2. Defends the recommendation.

Each approach is unique to the type of paper you want to develop. For each approach, you must do a literature review. Literature review is NOT a summary of all the published literature collected for the specific subject. Literature review is a tool, not a goal. It is a step in each of the three approaches mentioned above. It contributes to the finished product but by no means constitute a thesis paper. Literature review provides the supporting documentation necessary to make your own interpretation in each approach. Literature review also determines whether the chosen approach can be developed into a thesis paper or another approach should be used on the same topic.

One common misconception is that one can summarize a published literature review article. This is not a thesis paper. Published literature review articles are written by experts in the field. They spend time collecting and referencing multiple published sources. These experts have also put their own analysis and interpretations about a specific subject in their papers. Mimicking published work done by experts does not constitute original work. Claiming this work as your own is plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, consider the follow questions:

  • What is your contribution to this topic?
  • What have you contributed that is new?
  • What would any reader learn from this?
  • How does the literature review support your analysis and interpretation of the topic?
  • Can you produce a copy of your annotated bibliography?

If you can answer all these questions, plagiarism is not a problem. If any of the above questions cannot be answered, then look at the purpose, target audience and approach to help define the goal and direction of your thesis paper. If a reference is not in your annotated bibliography, do not use that source for your thesis paper. When in doubt, seek proper guidance from your professors or counselors before you start developing your thesis paper.

At this point, begin to work on the early steps of your Master’s thesis paper:

  1. Purpose
  2. Target audience
  3. Approach
  4. Search and collection of published peer-reviewed sources
  5. Literature review

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