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11. A 9 month old male suffers from abdominal pain and bloating with frequent diarrhea after being fed solid foods. A stool acidity test is ordered. Which of the following carbohydrate disorders uses a stool acidity test as a diagnostic tool for infants?
A. Fructose Intolerance
B. Fructose Malabsorption
C. Fructosuria
D. Classical Galactosemia
E. Non-classical Galactosemia
12. A patient's test results show hypoglycemia, liver failure, hyperuricemia, prolonged coagulation times and a positive urine test for fructose. Which of the following carbohydrate disorders is consistent with these lab results?
A. Fructosuria
B. Galactokinase Deficiency
C. Classical Galactosemia
D. Fructose Intolerance
E. Fructose Malabsorption
13. Which of the following defective enzymes impairs carbohydrate metabolism by forming phosphorylated intermediates that can cause mental retardation or severe liver damage if left untreated?
A. Lactalbumin and glycosyltransferases
B. Fructokinase and aldose reductase
C. Galactosyltransferase and phosphoglutamase
D. Galactokinase and aldolase B
E. Galactose 1-phosphate uridyltransferase and 4-epimerase
14. What is the metabolic function of the two subunits of lactose synthase?
A. Lactalbumin synthesizes prolactin and galactosyltransferase synthesizes cortisol.
B. Lactalbumin synthesizes lactoglobulin and glycosyltransferase synthesizes casein.
C. Lactalbumin increases the catalytic rate of galactosyltransferase and galactosyltransferase synthesizes lactose.
D. Lactalbumin synthesizes colostrum and galactosyltransferase synthesizes mature milk.
E. Lactalbumin converts glucose to galactose and galactosyltransferase degrades galactose.
15. Which of the following enzymes is responsible for the rapid drug clearance of barbiturates?
A. Debranching enzyme
B. Glycogen synthase
C. Aldose reductase
D. Lactose synthase
E. UDP-glucuronyltransferase
16. Which of the following hormones exerts its effects on glycogen synthesis?
A. Insulin
B. Glucagon
C. Epinephrine
D. Cortisol
E. Secretin
17. A patient suffers from cramps and fatigue every time he exercises. He is diagnosed with McArdle's disease. Which of the following defective enzymes prevents the breakdown of glycogen on this patient?
A. Debranching enzyme
B. Glycogen phosphorylase
C. Glycogen synthase
D. Branching enzyme
E. Glucose-6-phosphatase
18. Which of the following hormones facilitates the breakdown of glycogen in muscle?
A. Insulin
B. Glucagon
C. Cortisol
D. Epinephrine
E. Norepinephrine
19. Which of the following statements directly explains the effects of hormones in the liver during fasting?
A. Cortisol stimulates insulin secretion in order to suppress the translocation of GLUT4.
B. Epinephrine binding to both alpha and beta receptors activates glycogen phosphorylase.
C. Epinephrine binding to beta receptors stimulates both glycogen and protein synthesis.
D. Epinephrine binding to alpha receptors helps inactivates glycogen [hosphorylase.
E. Glucagon stimulates glycogenolysis via inositol-phospholipid signaling pathway.
20. Which of the following is a normal compensatory mechanism that helps increase the neuronal uptake of glucose n cases of Alzheimer disease?
A. Arrangement of neurofibrillary tangles in helices and filaments
B. Increased phosphorylation of tau
C. Decreased glycosylation reactions of proteins
D. Increased GLUT2 transporters in astrocytes
E. Decreased GLUT1 and GLUT3 transporters

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