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Chapter 5 and its sections give the definition of nano-science and nano material, gives examples of nano-materials and its external manifestation. Subsequently the classification of nano-materials and formation of stable nano-structure.

Chapter 5_Introduction-Nanomaterials.

The Universe ranges from 10 28 cm to 10 -33 cm. The first Length is the distance from our Earth to the observable Event Horizon of the Universe which is 13.8blightyears(ly) = 4.23313 b parsec(pc) = 1.30622×10 26 m. The second length is Planck’s Length:

Planck’s Length sets the fundamental limit on the accuracy of length measuremment.

As proto-human-society and human society has developed, its capabilities have developed. Its tool materials improved from flint stones to copper to bronze to iron implements to steel to polymers to Silicon and finally to nano-materials. In Table 5.1, we show the development of Proto-human society due to anatomical changes in homo-species. Once modern humans emerged human society has developed both due to the development of relation of production and due to the development of tools of production.

Relation of production has developed from primitive communism to slavery to feudal and to the capitalist society. The modern Capitalist Society is experiencing the labour pains for delivering a Socialistic Society.

The scale of production has evolved from Small Scale Owner Managed Production to Large Scale Corporate Managed Production.

Table 5.1. Stages of development in Proto Human Society and Human Society based on anatomical changes, based on relation of production and based on the development of means of production.

Date(ya) 1 Anatomical 3 Relation of Production Materials used Means of Production
4M AustralopethicusAfarensis Savage&Primitive communism Primitive tools, no hand grip 2 . Roots&fruits gatherer
2.5M Homo-habilis(handy man) Savage&Primitive communism Choppers&Flakes, Oldwan Style Foraging&scavenging
Discovery of fire
1.9M Homo-erectus(erect man) Savage&Primitivecommunism Refined, precisionGrip features developed hunting
800,000 Homo-sapiens(intelligent man) Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Precision Grip matured&tear shaped hand axesDeveloped,so-calledAcheulean style hunting
200,000 Modern humansEmerge in AFRICA Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm hunting
70,000(last ice age begins) Migrate out of Africa and replace all primitive homo-species. Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm STONE AGE, , cave-dwelling, refined flint-stone tools hunting
50,000 Modern Humans reachAustralia and get isolated as Australian Aborigines. Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Stone tools and weapons hunting
50,000To 40,000 Migration to Asia Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Stone tools and weapons hunting
40,000 to30,000 In;land migration from Asia to Europe Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Stone tools and weapons hunting
Modern humans push toCentral Asia and arrived in the grassy steppes of Himalaya Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Stone tools and weapons hunting
From S.E.Asia and China, migration to Japan&Siberia took place. Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Stone tools and weapons hunting
North Asians migrated to N.America via land bridge across Arctic from Siberia Barbarians&Primitivecommuinsm Stone tools and weapons hunting
10,000 Great delugeModern Humans Barbarians&Civilized Society-Private Property, Monogamous Family, State


Hunting&agriculture for fodder
9,000 Modern Humans Slavery Native Copper used.Smelted Copper used, Mining, Agriculture for grains, artisans


6,000…5,500…5,500… Modern Humans Feudalism Silver,Tin,Bronze. Mining, Agriculture, artisans
3,400 to1800CE Modern Humans


1800CE to 1940CE Modern Humans Capitalism


Industrial Revolution&Large Scale Production
1940-1960CE Modern Humans Capitalism


Factory production
1960CE to present Modern Humans


Computerization, Automation, Robotization&Miniaturization
1980 to present Modern Humans


Miniaturization&System Integration

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nano basically means 10^(-9). nanometer is a unit to measure length.
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