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Our material relating to the Southwest exploration period is a collection es­sentially of historical society reprints, general histories, etc. Its value to the researcher consists in the general material which would supplement more detailed studies.

  • It is suggested that no primary material relating to the California Gold Rush be acquired in the future. It is suggested that secondary material be purchased only selectively on the basis of reviews in the outstanding historical journals.
  • It is suggested that no primary or secondary material relating to Early South­west Exploration be acquired in the future.

3. early florida period (18th century)

This collection was donated to the Society in the nineteenth century by the his­torian J. Buckingham Smith. The material relates primarily to early Florida but there is also material dealing with Central America and Spanish rule in the area. A large part of this collection—consisting of manuscript maps and printed items pertaining directly to Florida—was microfilmed some years ago for the Univer­sity of Florida. We no longer add to this collection since other libraries pursue the subject more extensively.

It is suggested that no further additions of primary or secondary material be made to this collection.

4. american indian captivities

This is a good collection of the accounts and record of prisoners captured by American Indians. The collection, instituted in 1809, has been added to as op­portunity presents. (It may be of interest to note that the largest collection of this material is owned privately by the Deering family of Saco, Maine. This col­lection consists of some 750 copies, which include various editions of the same titles.) The Newberry Library in Chicago has some 650 titles, the largest of the collections in any library open to the public. Many of these are also various edi­tions of the same titles. The New York Public Library and the American Antiquarian Society Library have large collections. Our library has some 150 copies which also include various editions of the same titles.

It is suggested that we continue to add primary material to this collection but that no secondary material be added.

5. newspapers

Our collection of 18th century newspapers is the fourth largest in the country. We collect U.S. newspapers through 1820, with particular emphasis on the Eastern Seaboard. We attempt to obtain procurable New York State newspapers in the nineteenth century, especially for the first twenty-five or forty years of a particu­lar community when such material, generally scarce, is of greater historical value. In this connection, it is worth noting that except for sporadic collecting by the New York State Library there appears to be little planned collecting, by institutions, of New York State newspapers of the nineteenth century.

Outside of New York State our collecting is chiefly confined to early news­papers, as noted above. Where exceptions exist the material has generally come by gift. We have however been successful in exchanging out-of-state later nine­teenth century newspapers for New York State newspapers of a similar period.

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