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Considering the ways of activation of potential of investment activity of commercial banks, it is necessary to notice that dynamics of rates of its growth depends not only on property and level structure of institutional developments of the share market, but also on the developed mentality and behavior of economically active part of the population making a basis of a class of small and average investors in the CIS countries. With the nature of this category of carriers of the behavioral finance, banks should allocate characteristics of such parameters as the degree of risk accepted by the population, its business activity, influence of the religious factor and tradition of corporate ethics, propensity to savings, and also psychology of acceptance of investment decisions.

It is necessary for the commercial banks of the CIS countries to use more in the investment activity such financial tools widely approved in world practice as cumulative actions, converted or design bonds, opening of savings and investment accounts payments which are not fixed in advance, and occur on principles of distribution of the profit received from their use between banks and clients.

The important place in business of the realization of the potential of securities belongs to activities of commercial banks on the increase of efficiency of realization of their intermediary operations in the share market. Actualization of this direction of activity of banks of the CIS countries is caused by the majority of categories of the basic participants of the developed and formed securities markets have no experience of the reference with this financial tool. It is more than that, many of them do not consider working with them, as the primary activity or the main object of enterprise efforts. In this connection, it is more favorable to them to seek the help of professional participants of the share market for which this activity is the basic function, well familiar, and the basic source of reception of the income.

Commercial banks, on the contrary, have a wide experience on issuing their own securities and investment operations in which they are engaged for maintenance of due level of capitalization, and also maintenance of profitableness and liquidity of bank business. Besides, it should be remembered that rendering of intermediary services demands presence of the whole complex of necessary conditions, including the access to the information on a condition of various segments of the share market, constantly updated bases analytical data, and also the qualified experts in the field of the share industry. The majority of investment institutes operating in the CIS countries owing to the youth and the limited financial possibilities cannot give such spectrum to the basic participants of a securities market of and to provide such quality of services as commercial banks do. Considering the above-stated, it is possible to assert that commercial banks of the CIS countries have all possibilities for use in the interests of a more potential of the intermediary operations connected with service of life cycle of securities.

The basic advantages of the commercial banks acting in a role of intermediaries, for emitters from among the enterprises of the CIS countries, are connected by that they are capable not only to assist in designing of idea of release, working out of business plans of release and placing of securities, their registration and placing, but also they are able to carry out a wide range of accompanying services, including traditional bank maintenance.

The main advantages of the commercial banks acting in a role of financial intermediaries to investors is their good knowledge of a conjuncture developing on various sites of the financial market, predisposition to an objective estimation of investment potential of various types of securities, and also their independence is at acceptance of investment decisions in interests of the clients.

Interest of commercial banks in use of results of the professional work on a securities market is caused by the possibility to derive additional profit for the primary activity in the financial market and to raise the image in the opinion of participants of this market.

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