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Does the district ensure that Credits earned through correspondence courses to meet graduation requirements are subject to the following restrictions: they shall be taken from a regionally accredited institution accredited by an association listed in R7-2-601.G.2. Credits earned thereby shall be limited to four, and only one credit may be earned in each subject area (English, Social Studies, Math, Science).
Does the district ensure that vocational-Technological education program completers my be granted a maximum of 3 and 1/2 credits to be used toward the English, Math or science credit requirements for graduation, subject to the following restrictions: Only one credit in each of English Math or science may be granted upon the boards approval of the vocational-technological program for equivalent credit.

Prior to the issuance of a high school diploma, does the Governing Board assure that each student has:

  • Successfully completed the minimum credits and course requirements prescribed by the State Board and local Governing Board?
  • Successfully completed the State Board adopted academic standards for subject areas. If there are no adopted academic standards for an elective subject, does the local governing board develop and adopt competency requirements for the elective subject.
  • Demonstrated mastery, as defined by the State Board of Education, of the State Board adopted Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) (NOTE: This requirement was modified by legislative action in 2005-modified rules will be written)

Does the local governing board, upon request of a student, provide the opportunity for the student to demonstrate competency in the subject areas listed in 1-7 above in lieu of classroom time?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Special Education and High School Graduation. The local Governing Board of each school district is responsible for developing a course of study and graduation requirements for all students placed in special education programs in accordance with Chapter 7, Article 4, Arizona Revised Statutes, and R7-2-401 et seq. Students placed in special education classes, 9-12, are eligible to receive a high school diploma without meeting state competency requirements, but reference to special education placement may be placed on the student's transcript or permanent file.
ADDED section in 2007 increases total requirement for 2013 to 22 units, 4 English, 3 Social Studies, 4 math (including Algebra II), 3 science, 1 fine arts (or career voc/tech), 7 electives. Also increases to 5 ½ the number that may come from career/voc/tech.

Acrr7-2-302.03 personal curriculum

Does the School District provide a “documented process” that can be used to modify the high school graduation requirements for Algebra II as listed in the math requirements above? Does the documented process include substituting a math credit that shall include significant mathematics content as determined by the local school district and requested by the parent or emancipated student?

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Acrr7-302.06 aims, additional credits

(AIMS augmentation scores applied to school years 2005-2007. Augmentation scores for future years are governed by ARS statute)

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