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Powdered samples pose a special contamination threat, and special precautions must be taken to contain them. If the sample is highly magnetic, it is often advantageous to embed it in a low susceptibility epoxy matrix like Duco cement. This is usually done by mixing a small amount of diluted glue with the powder in a suitable container such as a gelatin capsule. Potting the sample in this way can keep the sample from shifting or aligning with the magnetic field. In the case of weaker magnetic samples, measure the mass of the glue after drying and making a background measurement. If the powdered sample is not potted, seal it into a container, and watch it carefully as it is cycled in the airlock chamber.

Pressure equalization

The sample space of the MPMS has a helium atmosphere maintained at low pressure of a few torr. An airlock chamber is provided to avoid contamination of the sample space with air when introducing samples into the sample space. By pushing the purge button, the airlock is cycled between vacuum and helium gas three times, then pumped down to its working pressure. During the cycling, it is possible for samples to be displaced in their holders, sealed capsules to explode, and sample holders to be deformed. Many of these problems can be avoided if the sample holder is properly ventilated. This requires placing holes in the sample holder, out of the measuring region that will allow any closed spaces to be opened to the interlock chamber.

Air-sensitive samples and liquid samples

When working with highly air-sensitive samples or liquid samples it is best to first seal the sample into a glass tube. NMR and EPR tubes make good sample holders since they are usually made of a high-quality, low-susceptibility glass or fused silica. When the sample has a high susceptibility, the tube with the sample can be placed onto a platform like those described earlier. When dealing with a low susceptibility sample, it is useful to rest the bottom of the sample tube on a length of the same type of glass tubing. By producing near mirror symmetry, this method gives a nearly constant background with position and provides an easy method for background measurement (i.e., measure the empty tube first, then measure with a sample). Be sure that the tube ends are well out of the measuring region.

When going to low temperatures, check to make sure that the sample tube will not break due to differential thermal expansion. Samples that will go above room temperature should be sealed with a reduced pressure in the tube and be checked by taking the sample to the maximum experimental temperature prior to loading it into the magnetometer. These checks are especially important when the sample may be corrosive, reactive, or valuable.

Oxygen contamination

This application note describes potential sources for oxygen contamination in the sample chamber and discusses its possible effects. Molecular oxygen, which undergoes an antiferromagnetic transition at about 43 K, is strongly paramagnetic above this temperature. The MPMS system can easily detect the presence of a small amount of condensed oxygen on the sample, which when in the sample chamber can interfere significantly with sensitive magnetic measurements. Oxygen contamination in the sample chamber is usually the result of leaks in the system due to faulty seals, improper operation of the airlock valve, outgassing from the sample, or cold samples being loaded.


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