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Sample Questions from the MUSIC REVIEWER Quiz

Question: What do you call the group of musicians who composed secular music and performed across Europe?





None of the above

Question: What is the famous musical composition that was approved by a Pope to be used in the Catholic Church?




Gregorian chant


Question: You MAPEH teacher asked you to perform Troubadour music. What should be the thing that you are going to consider in performing this kind of music?


The music should be polyphonic

The music should be religious in nature

The music should not be religious in nature

The music should have 2 or more melodies

Question: Your Music teacher asked your group to perform madrigal music the next meeting. What are you going to do?


Your group will practice how to play guitar so that you can perform without your best friend

Your group will go to the school and sing a madrigal song without any accompaniment

Ask your father who is good in playing a piano to accompany you in singing

Ask your best friend to come with you and play the guitar as your accompaniment

Question: Which is not a characteristic of Gregorian chant? A. B. C. D.



Free Meter

Used of Neume notation


Question: Which of the following is a correct combination?


Mass: Baroque

Oratorio: Medieval

Madrigal: Renaissance

Fugue: Renaissance

Question: If you are Johann Sebastian Bach, how would your father contribute to your musical career?


Your father would be happy to teach you how to play drum

Your father would teach you how to play a violin

Your father would teach you how to play the piano

Your father would teach you how to read notes

Question: You are walking along the street and you meet a Catholic priest. He offers to give you a bunch of grapes if you can arrange the five parts of mass. How are you going to arrange it?


Credo-Kyrie-Sanctus and Benedictus-Gloria-Agnus Dei

Kyrie- Gloria-Credo-Sanctus and Benedictus- Agnus Dei

Kyrie- Gloria-Credo-Agnus Dei-Sanctus and Benedictus

Agnus Dei-Credo-Kyrie-Sanctus and Benedictus-Gloria

Question: Identify the composers on different period. Remember how they looked like.


No Choices Given

No Choices Given

No Choices Given

No Choices Given

Question: Which of the following is a musical composition During the Renaissance Period?


Gregorian chant




Question: Who among the following musicians was famous during the Medieval Period?


Antonio Vivaldi

J.S. Bach

Adam de la Halle

Thomas Morley

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