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    What is the usual shape of a marginal revenue curve for a monopolist? Why?

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Questions & Answers

how is economics not a science subject
Adio Reply
i need the main definition of economics
Okafor Reply
what does it mean to say that market equilibrium is stable?
Ayesha Reply
what is the practical significance of cross price elasticity of demand?
what is economic
Azolingo Reply
what is the practical significance of cross price elasticity of demand?
economics is a social science that deals with human behaviour relating with end and scares means
why is economics not a pure science?
it is not a pure science because it only studies human behavior
economics is a social science cause it is relating to ends and scares means🙂
what is management of human resources?
Ibrahim Reply
how is economics a science?
Mei Reply
economics is not a science subject either is a social science subject
4. It is a hot day, and Bert is thirsty. Here is the value he places on each bottle of water: Value of first bottle $7 Value of second bottle $5 Value of third bottle $3 Value of fourth bottle $1 a. From this information, derive Bert’s demand schedule. Graph his demand curve for bottled w
Tahmina Reply
what is the law of diminishing marginal utility
Samuel Reply
The law of diminishing marginal utility state that as a consumer consumes a successive units of a commodity, a point is eventually reached where consumption of additional unit yields less satisfaction.
what is demand
Isatu Reply
other things can be equal an certain amount paid for the goods by consumer in the market called demand.
demand is the amount of a commodity a consumer is willing and able buy at a given price at a particular point in time
Demand is the quantity of commodity a consumer is willing and able to buy at a given price and a particular time.
what is economics
Owusu Reply
economics is a social science subject, which study human behaviors as a relationship btw end ND scarce means
what utility
Utility is the satisfaction a consumer derives from consuming a particular commodity.
meaning of economics
Agyei Reply
what is a columnist
what are the four basic assumptions of perfect competition
Liyanda Reply
There is a well known maximum by economic that states that the birthd of money is the deaths of batter system discuss the statement
how does price elasticity increase
Anuoluwapo Reply

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