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3 / 20  Digestion of proteins begins in the ________ where ________ and ________ mix with food to break down protein into ________.
A  stomach; amylase; HCl; amino acids
B  mouth; pepsin; HCl; fatty acids
C  stomach; lipase; HCl; amino acids
D  stomach; pepsin; HCl; amino acids

Questions & Answers

difference between axial and appendicular skeleton
Asia Reply
function of appendicular skeleton
function of appendicular skeleton
what are the two basic study's of anatomy?
Jonathan Reply
structure and function
Gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy
importants of studying anatomy
shanzy Reply
the response of living thing to any stimulus is called Homeostasis
defanssive Reply
Homeostasis explanation
Benedicta Reply
is the state of steady internal physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems
the auto regulatory mechanism of body which maintain the internal environment of body equal to external environment
Homeostasis yes tell us
is the state of steady internal organs that maintain its function
it's a who studies the structure and functions of the human body
Allpha Reply
who is an anatomist
Yaa Reply
anatomist is a person who is specialised in the sturdy of body structures
an anatomist is someone who studies the structure and parts of an organism
is the person who studies the structure and functions of the human body
anatomist is a specialist who studies de human body structure
why is it good for someone to study anatomy and physiology
Kwabena Reply
to know how and what the body structures are made,and the functions they play in human formation
to know how and what the body structures are made of
to know the function of the structures in humans
it helps the healthcare giver to detect improvement and worsening of a patient's condition
what are the reason why anatomy is studied
Esther Reply
To know the structures of the body system, their various functions and how they are formed.
to know the human body structure
who is an anatomist
Maame Reply
a person who studies parts and functions of the human body
is a person who studies the structure of the human body
a specialist in anatomy.
One who studies teaches, writes on or does research on anatomy and anatomical structures.
physiology lends meaning to anatomy and conversely, anatomy is what makes physiology . discuss
Deborah Reply
hello...I need some guide on how to fix all concept once
what are Lifting techniques in nursing
stanley Reply
I learned that anatomy is the study of the human structure. the smaller ones can be observed by the assistance of a microscope
Hawa Reply
what are the disciplines of anatomy
Bint Reply

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