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    How is a basket of goods and services used to measure the price level?

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why do you think agricultural product is best example of inelastic Demand in comparison to manufactured products?
Sangay Reply
remind me about price theory
Mulindwa Reply
what is Elastic Demand
what is supply
Adeola Reply
supply refers to the quantity of goods and services that suppliers are willing and able to supply at certain priceces over a period of time.
Supply is the total amount of goods and services that the producer is willing to supply in the market.
What is Industrialization
Desmond Reply
Industrialization is the concentration of industry in a geographical area
Industrialization is the process of applying mechanical, chemical, and electrical sciences to reorganize production with inanimate sources of energy
in the long run what profit does a perfect competitive firm makes
nyoja Reply
what is industrialisation
Blessing Reply
what are their importance
esther Reply
pls who is a consumer
Cobby Reply
whoever use the product can be the consumer either the buyer of it or people at home who will be using the product
compensation of goods and services by a customer with price that willing to satisfy themselves.
who describe economic
yao Reply
Stanley Reply
pls I'm a home economic student and went I was in my formal school I was doing biology so wen I got she 2 and I went a different school and that school they don't do biology what they do is economics and I don't understand it cos I didn't learn from form one so I will need ur help in this please
Hawa Reply
what help u need
I don't understand it I tried to learn from form one but still don't understand
jxt follow the notes well try solving question under it
important of economics
Benita Reply
what is supply chain
Jos Reply
What is Fiscal policy
what is financial management? And why is it necessary in business ?
Fatema Reply
it is the managing of all transactions that take place in any business and if not managed properly it could create debts and destroy the business
What is demand?
Annonymous Reply

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