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    Do you agree or disagree with this statement: “It is in the best interest of our economy for Congress and the President to run a balanced budget each year.” Explain your answer.

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Questions & Answers

What is Economics and why it is important
Abdul Reply
What is Inflation
Abdul Reply
More money = more consumers, more consumers = lessen the product, less product = high price, high price = inflation
why price and quantity increase
Otuu Reply
condition under which price and quantity will be increased at the same time
factors that hinders mobility of labour
Dennis Reply
what is scarcity
Adams Reply
why are people still unemployed in this economy we live in
Joyce Reply
why are people still unemployed in this economy
Because of high technology
Due to low government expenditure, the state does not have money to invest in new projects that can result in more job opportunities.
good afternoon all, what are the examples of development projects Pls?
I 'm not together with him, when we say government expenditure mean there is recession for her economic country. That why many people still unemployed in this economy we live in, it mainly depend for two phases like Natural hazards and human activities.
For the first answer I was responded we are concerns to intensive technology in the whole world it lead to reduce of many workers.
wat does the abbreviation ppc mean?
I would like to give you ideas so that you get well how can give answer to this question dears. Attempt to know these words and what these means; Deficit, Surplus and Balanced budget.
ppc mean pay -per-click known as search engine marketing
i found it ppc means production possibility curve
in economic is that true according to your answer, however about of Marketing is that Pay Per Click.
how is inflation, output gap relate to monetary policy
Mary Reply
what are the best strategy when it comes to exporting trade? #Philippines
TuroN Reply
the demand function for 2 commodities A and B in oshiosi are given as follows QA =96-2P-3PB Qã=30-25pA +0.32y where PA and Pa are prices of commodity And B respectively. and Y is cobsumer's money income given PA=N2,PB=N4 and y=1000 compute the price elasticity of demand for commodity A what is the income elasticity of demand for commodity B
divine Reply
what is scarcity
Pekayin Reply
Insufficient to meet the demand
inadequate of demand
meet their demand
lack of raw material
it may be manpower or raw stock for finished goods
what is the difference between theory and model?
decrease in supply of goods
corner in my heart
type of inflation
limited resources unlimited human wants is scarcity
what is a market structure
Albert Reply
what are the causes of inflation
Samuel Reply
cost push or demand pull inflation
what is the difference between cost push and demand pull
the definition for economics here,is it waec standard,please😯😯
Mojekwu Reply
what is inflation
Nsiah Reply
inflation is when much money is chasing few goods
inflation is when a price of good(s) increase and decriase.
inflation is the persistent rise in prices if goods
what is demand
Nana Reply
demand is the amount of goods consumers are willing and able to but at a particular rate

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