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LBST 1104 - Quiz 6
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Sample Questions from the LBST 1104 - Quiz 6 Quiz

Question: A production dramaturg:


All of these

Assists the director by supplying information and asking critical questions

Makes important decisions about the play’s pacing

Restages the actors in scenes to make the scenes more effective

Question: The term "blocking" refers to:


The director’s use of invented obstacles to heighten the emotional frustration of a character

Establishing the performers’ movements from place-to-place and their bodily position

The scheduling of rehearsals in long time segments

None of these

Question: Almost all plays that are written for the theatre eventually gain a fully mounted production




Question: The typical rehearsal schedule follows what process?


Blocking, memorize lines, ensemble playing, read and discuss the script, technical rehearsals

Read and discuss the script, blocking, ensemble playing, technical rehearsals, memorize lines

Read and discuss the script, blocking, memorize lines, ensemble playing, technical rehearsals

Question: Which best explains the difference between literary management and production dramaturgy?


Literary managers are never involved with new play development, but dramaturgs are

Literary managers are involved in the preparation of production scripts, and the dramaturgs are not

Literary management is concerned with the entire season, whereas production dramaturgy is concerned with a specific production

Question: A basic question one asks when considering a play for production is “why this play for this audience at this time?”




Question: Each moment within a play creates an image that sends a message to the audience – whether planned or not




Question: Which statement best defines the auteur directorial approach?


The director tries to transfer the script as literally as possible from page to stage

The director uses the script as raw material to be reshaped for his or her own purposes

The director articulates a defined focus for the production

The director attempts to capture the spirit of the play, often by using means or expressions the script does not directly call for.

Question: Playwrights have been the most removed from the production process in:


Classical Greece

16th century England

17th century France

21st century American

Question: Which statement best describes the essential service the producer provides the director?


The producer asks critical questions and supplies additional information about the play and its period

The producer provides the space, personnel and money the director needs to realize his or her vision

The producer supplies the designs that will be needed for the costumes and scenery to be constructed

The producer stages the script by telling performer where to go on stage

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