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LBST 1104 - Quiz 3
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Sample Questions from the LBST 1104 - Quiz 3 Quiz

Question: Eugene O’Neill’s “The Hairy Ape” is an example of an “Epic Theatre” play




Question: Stanislavsky believed that on stage the actor should be free to improvise spontaneously




Question: The independent theatre movement:


a. Got around the censorship laws governing public performance by staging “private” performances

Staged popular melodramas on stages specially equipped for aquatic or equine effects

Staged public performances of cutting edge dramas by young, unpublished writers

Question: What musical is often cited as the first to fully integrate music, story, dance and visual elements to support the dramatic action?


Les Miserables



Of Thee I Sing

Question: Who is usually considered the first director, in the modern sense?


Konstantin Stanislavsky

Richard Wagner

George II, duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Emile Zola

Question: Ibsen’s dramas were considered controversial because:


They challenged existing moral values and social norms

They focused on lower-class characters and unsavory life-styles

They sensationalized violence through elaborate spectacle

Question: Which is associated with Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Theatre?


The use of fragmented scenery and unmasked lighting instruments

All of these

None of these

The interplay of theatrical elements, with each making its own statement

Creating “alienation,” so that the audience watches actively and critically

Question: Which are playwrights whose works characterized American psychological realism of the early postwar years?


Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams

Elia Kazan and Jo Mielziner

Samuel Beckett and Oscar Hammerstein

Thornton Wilder and Robert Edmund Jones

Question: Realism and naturalism were based on the idea that character is determined by heredity and environment




Question: The Federal Theatre Project


Was a nationwide program that aimed to provide jobs and Americans with free, adult, uncensored theatre

Was limited to the state of California where the liberal state legislature strongly supported it

Was sponsored by the government during the economic boom of the early 1920s

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