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    chain of monomer residues that is linked by covalent bonds; polymerization is the process of polymer formation from monomers by condensation

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Questions & Answers

what is a syntific name of mopani tree
Sitabi Reply
What is the function of cell
Bello Reply
Wat is the function of cell?
Belbon Reply
What is biology
ct Reply
what is biology
Anyieth Reply
what is the name of the organelle responsible for heredity
Adelokun Reply
What's the main function of the CELL
Victor Reply
what is the main function of the cell
Is the smallest unit of an living things
Chanda Reply
What is a cell
Jason Reply
A cell is the basic unit of life.
toads and frogs
what is the photosynthesis
Brian Reply
describe cellular event during meiosis
Ruth Reply
what is reproduction
reproduction is the process by which living organisms give birth to new offsprings of the same kinds
Reproduction is a process by which organisms give rise to new members of their species
Reproduction is the process whereby living organisms produces the young ones of their own kind to ensure continuity of life
is the process by which young offsprings are produced from order ones
what is chromtograph
what are the example of photosynthesis
Gamshe Reply
Is how plant covert sugar and energy, air and sunlight into energy to grow
An example of photosynthesis is how plants convert sugar and energy from water, air and sunlight into energy to grow.
Pls how fertilization occurs in the womb
Pls am asking how does fertilization occurs in the womb
An egg is released in the ovary of a woman during ovulation. in the presence of a sperm this egg cell fuses with the sperm cell to form a zygote ( fertilization) this zygote now moves thru the fallopian tube down to the womb where implantation takes place. the zygote develops thru to a baby
how are you everyone in here
what is biology
My cordial salam to everybody. I have a question to all. What do you mean by plasma membrane?
Mahmud Reply
Plasma membrane or Cell membrane is the outer layer of tissue surrounding the whole or part of an organ. in addition, it is the outer flexible or semi-flexible covering or waterproofing whose primary function is to exclude water.(usually in plants and animals).
I have a question .... Why cell wall is not present in animals cells and why it is present in plants cells?
what is glucose
how alkali metal form
Puskal Reply
what is a cytosol
Siddeeqah Reply
cytosol is the internal fluid of the cell and a large part of cell were metabolism occur
u are right dear.

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