CDL Quiz - Air Brakes Endorsement Part 1


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CDL Quiz - Air Brakes Endorsement Part 1
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Sample Questions from the CDL Quiz - Air Brakes Endorsement Part 1 Quiz

Question: The service brake system applies and releases the brake when you use:


The brake pedal.

The parking brake.

Emergency brake.

All of the answer choices.

Question: If the safety valve releases air, something is wrong.



B. False

Question: Manual air tanks must be drained:


Each day after driving.

B. At every stop.

C. Once every other day.

D. At least once a week.

Question: At what psi is the safety valve set to open to?


A. 65 psi

B. 100 psi

150 psi

D. 200 psi

Question: The air compressor pumps air into:


Air lines.

Air storage tanks.

Alcohol evaporator.

Air compressor governor.

Question: The alcohol evaporator should be filled every:


Day during cold weather.

B. 3 days.

C. 2 days.

D. Week.

Question: Air tanks must be drained to prevent brake failure because:


Water can freeze in the cold

B. Water could jam the air supply lines.

C. Water will rust the springs brakes.

D. All answer choices.

Question: What controls when the air compressor will pump air into the air storage tanks?


Air compressor governor.

Airtank drains.

Air compressor relay.

Air compressor limiter.

Question: Service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake are all air brakes.




Question: The air compressor should cut-off at:


100 psi.

125 psi.

150 psi.

175 psi.

Question: When should the air compressor cut-in?


80 psi.

90 psi.

100 psi.

125 psi.

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