Question 7 / 19:  In the United States, most people define themselves as:
a.  middle class
b.  upper class
c.  lower class
d.  no specific class
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what is sociological perspective explain it
Syed Reply
Does this book have an audio
Bianca Reply
In his time managent video lecture, what does randey pausch say about the need for time management
Armaan Reply
when the culture becomes a text of confusion to the extent that one doesn't know whether he has his own culture and not practicing another's culture what causes that feeling
Albert Reply
conclusions based on elements of culture
Gorata Reply
Define culture and discuss it's elements using relevant examples of the culture of your choice
Gorata Reply
Culture has been define as a complex whole of a man acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and anything learnt at it cause of living together as a group. Culture is thus a property of social life that is learned and shared, and also transmitted from one generation to another. Elements are:-
1. Culture is learn:- it means that culture evolve over time and space in as much as the society itself is experiencing change. 2. Culture Channels people behavior:- the influence of culture is so strong that it indicates what we do and what we don't. It orders our social life by responding to othes
...the way we want them to respond to us. 3. Culture is historical:- it is handed to one generation to another through mode of communication, symbolic or non verbal language. E.g. The Yoruba pass their culture to their people tro their language, food, tribal marks art, dance etc. So as other culture
what are social socialization processes?
ManTee Reply
state the three basic characteristics of science of which sociology satisfies
Sherita Reply
all social are problems are sociological problems but not all sociological problems are social problems
what is social status
Cornelius Reply
what are the factors that led to the emergence of sociology
what is sociology?
what is sociology
sociology is the study of human behavior and the society.
industrial revolution, enlightenment thinkers and french revolution
Sociology is the scientific study human behavior and the interaction of people in the society
sociology, a social science that studies human societies, their interactions, and the processes that preserve and change them
what is the different between ego and super ego
what are macro theories?
Daniel Reply
Structural Functionalism and class struggle; that try to explain things at the whole society level (vs. the micro that takes into account the personal circumstances of the individual)
what is the difference between sociology and public administration
Maryam Reply
What are the functions of education in sociology?
Dumi Reply
it bring good thought in the social family
Thank you
ya welcomed
The function is that to improve our policies about society. Act as a administrator.
What is the service provisioning?
*cultural reprduction *socialcontrole*assimilation* training and develooment *sellection and allocation of statues *promation of change
what is positivism
Advantages of conflict theory
define medical sociology
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what is elements
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