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    Which of the following are included in GDP, and which are not?

    The cost of hospital staysThe rise in life expectancy over timeChild care provided by a licensed day care centerChild care provided by a grandmotherThe sale of a used carThe sale of a new carThe greater variety of cheese available in supermarketsThe iron that goes into the steel that goes into a refrigerator bought by a consumer.

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Questions & Answers

What is ceteris peribus
Kelvin Reply
Simply put, All things being equal
What is the important of Economic
Parnda Reply
what is demand
Coded Reply
what is a clearing house
barry Reply
so can we conclude that mircoeconomics is a under marcoeconomics
Florence Reply
l don't understand that part please teach me
microeconomics and Marco economic are not the same.one have to do with part of the economy and the other have to do with the entire economy
so how can we conclude microeconomics and macroeconomic in our stadies
please explain
Am confuse can you please explain
Pls Explain more
what is monopoly
Pop Reply
is market situation in which an individual or group of person acting as a unit control supply of a good which has no close substitute
what is the role that the government can play
Caroline Reply
what is a subsidy
subsidy is government help to producers that reduces cost of production .
subsidy is government help to producers that reduces cost pf production
money is anything money can buy discuss
Patrick Reply
what is equilibrium price
Bismark Reply
when demand price and supply price are equal
what is equilibrium
When supply and demand are equal in one point is equilibrium
equilibrium of price is that price at which the quantity of goods demanded is equal to the quantity supplied
what is a portable
Eeme Reply
able to be carried or easily moved......just movie okay
2) One of the major assumption of the classical school is A) Lack of aggregate demand causes involuntarily unemployment B) Governments fiscal operations can reduce unemployment C) Unemployment and inflation can exist together D) Economy will be in full employment equilibrium in the long run
Ajay Reply
explain the scope of economics
Bhimshi Reply
Inflation occurs in a country due to what causes?
Daniel Reply
Lack of natural resources management
scarce of natural resources
What is demand
TECK Reply
the amount of a good that buyers are willing and able to purchase
what is population
Amadou Reply
The people living within a political or geographical boundary.

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