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    In type II diabetes, insulin is produced but is nonfunctional. These patients are described as “starving in a sea of plenty,” because their blood glucose levels are high, but none of the glucose is transported into the cells. Describe how this leads to malnutrition.

    Insulin stimulates the uptake of glucose into the cells. In diabetes, the insulin does not function properly; therefore, the blood glucose is unable to be transported across the cell membrane for processing. These patients are unable to process the glucose in their blood and therefore must rely on other sources of fuel. If the disease is not controlled properly, this inability to process the glucose can lead to starvation states even though the patient is eating.

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Questions & Answers

is vomiting part of digestive problem..?
Armel Reply
yh is GIT dysfunction
What are the main types of a fingerprint?
Duku Reply
what are the branches of anatomy
Mayquin Reply
1.Gross anatomy (further subdivided into surface anatomy' regional anatomy and systematic anatomy). 2.Microscopic anatomy (further subdivided into catology and histology). 3.Embryology 4.Dissection
please may I know the 16 parts of the heart?
stereotypes hmm, any?
Duku Reply
please help me to understand the concept very well
please tell me the stereotyping
in this sense I think stereotyping is the act of using concept of no scientific background
no it's not answer
hmmm, I am new in this context I am coming from a world of English not science so please initiate me into science
well we guide you but still I have not it's whole concept about this
ok, I am your student now so please initiate me into life
but in animal behaviour stereotyping has several meaning it might be helpful
okay don't worry you can ask all questions here.
wat is a dermatologist
dermatologists means skin doctor
derma means skin logy means study
yes means skin specialist. for example:the cosmetologist are the right skin specialists to consult if you have skin or beauty related queries or problems.
describe haversian system
Gerald Reply
what is stereotype? give example.
what are the bones of the pelvis?
Niwahereza Reply
The urinary system is one of important system in the body and is involved in many activities such as urine formation 1) describe the urine formation process.
Purity Reply
in sample of urine examination pus cells and calcium oxalate seen what indicates
31 year female
the sciencetific study of the human body and it's structure
Sosu Reply
what are types of homeostasis
Owusu Reply
3 types: thermoregukation, osmoregulation, chemical regulation
what is digestive system
Christopher Reply
when there is nucleus division it is called what
Janet Reply
what is the meaning of augment.
Blaq Reply
difference between axial and appendicular skeleton
Asia Reply
function of appendicular skeleton
appendicular skeleton
what are the two basic study's of anatomy?
Jonathan Reply
structure and function
Gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy
please what's nursing attitude towards patient and family?
what is gross anatomy
laboratory tests related to gross anatomy
what are the organs of the respiratory system
importants of studying anatomy
shanzy Reply

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