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    Explain the logic behind the “race to the bottom” argument and the likely reason it has not occurred.

    Low-income countries can compete for jobs by reducing their environmental standards to attract business to their countries. This could lead to a competitive reduction in regulations, which would lead to greater environmental damage. While pollution management is a cost for businesses, it is tiny relative to other costs, like labor and adequate infrastructure. It is also costly for firms to locate far away from their customers, which many low-income countries are.

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Questions & Answers

if the budget line is multiple how do indicate the feasible one?
aminu Reply
economic is a dash science
Yasir Reply
Economics is a social science
economics is not social science
economice is a culture science?
There are dash factors of production
prefectly elastic demandis equal to dash?
study related to what ought to be is termed as dash analysis?
Whearas economics is a purely social science according to the Austrian School of Economics
Economics is...... How to utilise scarce resources so that our unlimited wants are satisfied
Danish Reply
what is economics
Emmanuel Reply
economics is a science in which we can study problems related to human 's resources,need,lives, financial condition etc.
Economic is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics focuses on the behavior and interactions of economic agents and how economies work.
economics is that kind of subject which solve the economic problems like problem of scare resources center problem of an economy ( what how and from whome to produce) problem of inflation , deflation unemployment problem and other economic problems
Economics is the study of how society allocates it's scarce resources to fill their endless wants(according to Chicago school of Economics)
Economics is the study of human action and its effects on other individuals and furthermore, society as a whole(Austrian School of Economics)
The aggregation of the agents which interact in the form of economic activities is known as an economy
name and explain the two rules of profit maximization
Esihle Reply
what is,elasticity
Onome Reply
Marginal utility of money remains the same. it is the assumption of
Anas Reply
Marginal utility of money remains the same. it is the assumption
Marginal utility of money remains the same. it is the assumption
marginal utility of money remains constant and as it is the worth of money , therefore it is assumed or we can say ,it is defined by the consumer himself...
Marshall's demand theory
Equilibrium of price is one at which the amount demand is exactly equal to the amount supplied explain
Mirza Reply
tell me the author or book name
Rida Reply
what is percentage method in elasticity
Ngongang Reply
Electricity – run cars are introduced and used in the country.
Princess Reply
Where is test bank?
Julie Reply
What is percentage method in elasticity
Shah Reply
define price elasticity
musa Reply
what is elasticity
hi..how to view/open mcqs
Deepika Reply

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