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    Compute the inflation rate for fruit prices from 2001 to 2004.

    The inflation rate is calculated as the percentage change in the price index from year to year. For example, the inflation rate between 2001 and 2002 is (84.61 – 69.71) / 69.71 = 0.2137 = 21.37%. The inflation rates for all the years are shown in the last row of the following table, which includes the two previous answers. Items Qty (2001) Price (2001) Amount Spent (2002) Price (2002) Amount Spent (2003) Price (2003) Amount Spent (2004) Price (2004) Amount Spent Apples 10 $0.50 $5.00 $0.75 $7.50 $0.85 $8.50 $0.88 $8.80 Bananas 12 $0.20 $2.40 $0.25 $3.00 $0.25 $3.00 $0.29 $3.48 Grapes 2 $0.65 $1.30 $0.70 $1.40 $0.90 $1.80 $0.95 $1.90 Raspberries 1 $2.00 $2.00 $1.90 $1.90 $2.05 $2.05 $2.13 $2.13 Total $10.70 $13.80 $15.35 $16.31 Price Index 69.71 84.61 100.00 106.3 Inflation Rate 21.37% 18.19% 6.3%

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Questions & Answers

how does one analyze a market where both demand and supply shift
Reymark Reply
explain and justify the effect of the event to the demand and supply for direction then apply the elasticity concepts for extent , support with diagrams
objective of macro economic
saroj Reply
give the characteristics of good money?
Chok Reply
suppose that there is a positive aggregate demand shock. what graph most accurately show how this would affect the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model?
Shielyn Reply
ppf and ad/as
Every Work must be done properly based on its Feasibility Studies duly prepared.
if there is advance technology in the fishing industry, how will this change in supply and demand
El Reply
increase Supply, since technology in fishing will increase the efficiency of fishing , higher productivity and thus lower per unit cost of production, which incentive producers to increase their supply. demand wise, not so sure. depends on what exactly is the advancement in tech.
how many types of natural rate of unemployment
Trina Reply
what is macro economic
muniira Reply
in the year 1933, Ragnar Frisch used the term macro
factors that determine the country material standard ?
Serena Reply
population divide by gdp in currency analysis
what is the important of studying economics
Akurugu Reply
economics teaches you how to think not what think
in order to know how our country operates and corporate with other countries based on the international marketing and to know how our economy is doing regarding incomes going in and out through exchange of goods and services,we have to study more about economics to gain more and better understanding
important studying economic is make a choice under the condition of scarcity
is labour a intermediate good or final good
umer Reply
what is economics
Mahamed Reply
Economic is science, which Studies human behaviour and who they are earn and spend
economics is the science which shows how can use scare resources among society
economic is a science which study human behavior as a result relationship between ends at scarce means which have more than one use
simply, economics is a science which studies human wants,
Economy is knowledge of choice
how to derive the equation for the equilibrium level of national income in an open economy with no taxes
loise Reply
what is inflation?
Herry Reply
when price goes up with some shottime
Give me 5 example for Macro economics
Neha Reply
1. Markets 2. Market Failure 3. Competition 4. Price Stability 5. Efficiency
please can you explain markets and markets failure ?
When we talk about Markets as an example of macroeconomics, we look at demand and supply in labor market.
Then for market failures, we focus on market inefficiencies and failures such as the destruction of common goods due to economic systems that provide no incentive for their preservation
Who is a discourage worker.?
a discourage worker is simply a worker who stop looking for a job because he/she believe no job is available for them..
sloping curve normal
Mirasol Reply
A normal sloping curve
State what happen to the aggregate supply curve for beef. The price of beef decrease
i think there is positive relationship between price n supply so as the price decreases the supply curve so decreases and vice versa
quantity supply will decrease,less.profit for firms in a perfectly competitive market i guess

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