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    A random survey of enrollment at 35 community colleges across the United States yielded the following figures: 6,414; 1,550; 2,109; 9,350; 21,828; 4,300; 5,944; 5,722; 2,825; 2,044; 5,481; 5,200; 5,853; 2,750; 10,012; 6,357; 27,000; 9,414; 7,681; 3,200; 17,500; 9,200; 7,380; 18,314; 6,557; 13,713; 17,768; 7,493; 2,771; 2,861; 1,263; 7,285; 28,165; 5,080; 11,622. Assume the underlying population is normal.

    x ¯ = __________ s x = __________ n = __________ n – 1 = __________Define the random variables X and X ¯ in words.Which distribution should you use for this problem? Explain your choice.Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population mean enrollment at community colleges in the United States. State the confidence interval. Sketch the graph. Calculate the error bound.What will happen to the error bound and confidence interval if 500 community colleges were surveyed? Why?

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Questions & Answers

mean is number that occurs frequently in a giving data
Chinedu Reply
That places the mode and the mean as the same thing. I'd define the mean as the ratio of the total sum of variables to the variable count, and it assigns the variables a similar value across the board.
what is mean
John Reply
what is normal distribution
What is the uses of sample in real life
Waqas Reply
change of origin and scale
3. If the grades of 40000 students in a course at the Hashemite University are distributed according to N(60,400) Then the number of students with grades less than 75 =*
Ahmad Reply
If a constant value is added to every observation of data, then arithmetic mean is obtained by
Madiha Reply
sum of AM+Constnt
data can be defined as numbers in context. suppose you are given the following set of numbers 18,22,22,20,19,21
Tyasia Reply
what are data
Tyasia Reply
what is mode?
Natasha Reply
what is statistics
statistics is a combination of collect data summraize data analyiz data and interprete data
what is mode
what is statistics
Alex Reply
It is the science of analysing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.
history of statistics
Terseer Reply
statistics was first used by?
if a population has a prevalence of Hypertension 5%, what is the probability of 4 people having hypertension from 8 randomly selected individuals?
John Reply
Carpet land sales persons average 8000 per weekend sales Steve qantas the firm's vice president proposes a compensation plan with new selling incentives Steve hopes that the results of a trial selling period will enable him to conclude that the compensation plan increases the average sales per sales
lorenda Reply
Supposed we have Standard deviation 1.56, mean 6.36, sample size 25 and Z-score 1.96 at 95% confidence level, what is the confidence interval?
John Reply

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