• Card 13 / 93: Which is an advantage of using a campaign template?
    A) Templates are required for every campaign.
    B) Templates reduce the time of setting up the campaign.
    C) Templates are required when a product is involved in the campaign.
    D) Templates increase the campaign’s response rate.

    B) Templates reduce the time of setting up the campaign.

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Questions & Answers

what is the scope of economics
Abadi Reply
any colleges offer past fail classes use the idea of edible selection and moral hazard to expate why teacher in these classes find that paste pass fail students really score at the top of the class
shoueza Reply
is economics a hard course
Bolatito Reply
it's not actually hard, it just deals with technic but trust me it could be cringing somethings 🙄
frnd suggest me a best book for macroeconomics
get acquainted with students of 200L for them to take you through it and even explain
I'm just a 101 level student and seeking for you to suggest the best book for me on microeconomics
explain the concept of interrelated demand
Bakari Reply
explain equilibrium price
Philiswa Reply
yr ye toh Google pr bhi mil jaye ga
what can the government do to allocate efficient resources?
Bandile Reply
If product A and B are substitutes, products B and C are complements and the markets for products A and C are unrelated, which one of the following statements regarding the markets for products A, B and C
Yandisa Reply
If the movement of the supply curve for product A took place but the price failed to adjust to the new level of market equilibrium what would likely be witnessed in the market?
features of monopolistic market
kalu Reply
monopolistic market is a market whereby there's only one seller in the system
how to compute average Total cost
Diwa Reply
Average Total Cost (avc) is just equal to the total price of the firm divided by the quantity (Q) sold. i.e avc=TC/Q
implication of ordinal utility and cardinal Utility
Nicholas Reply
Where income and car price are measured in thousands, and the price of bus travel is measured in average dollars per 100 miles traveled. Assuming the average automobile price is $22,000, income is $40,000, the price of bus travel is $25, and the price of gasoline is $3, calculate and interpret the i
Ali Reply
law of demand with help of table and diagram?
Qasim Reply
may have just failed the exam
What is timeshare real estate
Steevin Reply
what's the formula for cross price elasticity
Boadi Reply
percentage change in quantity x/percentage change in price y
price elasticity of demand greater than 1
Kamugisha Reply

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