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Wyvill, Christopher (1672.). The pretensions of the triple crown examined. EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Christopher (1679.). A discourse, prepared for the ears of some Romanists (at a general quarter sessions, in the north, when they were summon'd to take the oaths.). EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Christopher (1686.). An assize-sermon preached in the cathedral-church of St. Peter in York, March the 8th, 1685/6, before the Right Honourable Sir Edward Nevill and Sir Henry Bedingfield .... EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Christopher (1686.). The duty of honouring the King and the obligations we have thereto. EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Christopher (1694]). The duty and obligations of serving God. EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Christopher (1695.). A sermon preach'd in the Collegiate-Church of Ripon, on Sunday the 22d of September, 1695. EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Christopher (1697.). Of Christian magistracy. EEBO-TCP.

Wyvill, Sir Christopher (1647). Wyvill: Certain Serious Thoughts (1647). CH.


Xenophon (1623.). The historie of Xenophon. EEBO-TCP.

Xenophon (1632.). Cyrupædia. EEBO-TCP.

Xenophon (1685.). Kyrou paideia, or, The institution and life of Cyrus the Great. EEBO-TCP.


Yalden, Thomas (1695.). On the conquest of Namur. EEBO-TCP.

Yalden, Thomas (1700.). The temple of fame. EEBO-TCP.

Yarington, Robert (1601.). Tvvo lamentable tragedies. EEBO-TCP.

Yarranton, Andrew (1680]). England's improvements justified. EEBO-TCP.

Yates, James (1582]). The castell of courtesie. EEBO-TCP.

Yates, James (1582]). The hould of humilitie. EEBO-TCP.

Youll, Henry (1608.). Canzonets to three voyces. EEBO-TCP.

Young lady of quality (1689.). An elegy upon the death of Mrs. A. Behn. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Bartholomew (1598). Young, B.: Diana of George of Montemayor (1598). CH.

Young, Edward (1678.). A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the lord mayor and aldermen of the city of London. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1679]). A sermon preached before His Majesty at White-Hall, 29 Decemb. 1678. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1683.). A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen at Guild-Hall Chappel, February 4, 1682. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1685.). A sermon preached at Lambeth January the 25th. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1688.). The idea of Christian love. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1688]). A sermon exhorting to union in religion. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1693.). A sermon concerning the wisdom of fearing God. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1693.). A sermon preached before the Queen at White-Hall, on Easter-Day, 1693. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1694.). The great advertisement, that a religious life is the best way to present happiness. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1695.). Piety's address to the magistrate. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1695.). Two assize sermons preached at Winchester. EEBO-TCP.

Young, Edward (1700.). The wisdom of believing. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1636.). The victory of patience. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1638.). The drunkard's character, or, A true drunkard with such sinnes as raigne in him. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1641.). A counterpoyson, or, Soverain antidote against all griefe. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1643?]). Englands vnthankfulness striving with Gods goodness, for the victory. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1648.). The cause and cure of ignorance, error, enmity, atheisme, prophanesse,&c., or, A most hopefull and speedy way to grace and salvation, by plucking up impediments by the roote. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1652.). A hopefull way to cure that horrid sinne of swearing, or, An help to save swearers if willing to be saved. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1653.). Philarguromastix, or, The arraignment of covetousnesse, and ambition, in our great and greedy cormorants. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1653.). The whole duty of a Christian, or, The character of a true beleever, that walks in some measure answerable to the Gospel, his Christian profession, and the millions of mercies he hath received .... EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1654.). Apples of gold from the tree of life. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1654.]). A sovereign antidote against all grief. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1655.). Armour of proof, or, A soveraign antidote, against the contagion of evil company. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1655.). The prevention of poverty, together with the Cure of melancholy, alias discontent, or, The best and surest way to wealth and happiness. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1656.). The impartial monitor, about following the fashions, or, The sweet fruit of sharp reprehension. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1658.). An experimental index of the heart. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1658.). Preparation to conversion, or, Faith's harbinger. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1658.). The blemish of government, the shame of religion, the disgrace of mankind, or, A charge drawn up against drunkards. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1660?]). Good report from bad men, no mean disparagement. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1660.). A Christian library, or, A pleasant and plentiful paradise of practical divinity. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1660/1661.). An infallible vvay to farewell. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1661.). A leafe from the tree of life. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1666.). No wicked man a wise man, true wisdom described. EEBO-TCP.

Younge, Richard (1669.). Carnal reason, or, The wisdom of the flesh. EEBO-TCP.


Zárate, Agustin de (6. 1581.). The discouerie and conquest of the prouinces of Peru, and the nauigation in the South Sea, along that coast. EEBO-TCP.

Zouch, Richard (1613.). The doue, or, Passages of cosmography. EEBO-TCP.

Zouch, Richard (1639.). The sophister. EEBO-TCP.

Zouch, Richard (1663.). The jurisdiction of the admiralty of England asserted against Sr. Edward Coke's Articuli admiralitatis, in XXII chapter of his Jurisdiction of courts. EEBO-TCP.

Zwingli, Ulrich (1548]). The rekenynge and declaracion of the fayth and belefe of huldrike zwyngly. EEBO-TCP.

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