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Why life has no meaning

Life has no meaning because there is no reason to do anything. No one has an ultimate “purpose” in life. Everything you do you do because you have to. Even when you are trying to have fun you do that only so you can have fun. Why do you even want to be happy? If you think about it you don’t need to be happy, you just want to be happy. There is no ultimate purpose in you being happy. You’re not going to achieve anything other than your own happiness. You’re not going to be contributing anything to the world, or making yourself look better. The sad truth is no one really cares that you’re happy. Why doesn’t anyone care? Because the only reason someone else would want you to be happy is if it made them happy, and since all happiness is irrelevant you making someone else happy is irrelevant. Though I don’t know why anyone would want anyone else to be happy unless it somehow fit their own ends. Everyone is fundamentally selfish so in the world each person is trying to beat everyone else. That is, if they are smart they are going to try to beat everyone else, and if they are stupid then they aren’t going to be contributing anything to the world because they are dumb. So it’s a lose lose situation. Why would someone smart only be looking after himself? Because that’s the best way to get happy, and for some reason everyone wants to get happy. We’re just robots that when we get sad, a chemical is sent to our brain to make us feel bad. None of us wants to feel bad when we get sad, it just happens because we happened to have been programmed that way. If we could program our self we would just make ourselves happy all the time. If we could design a human like robot that’s what we’d do. God must be an evil person for creating sadness. It serves no ultimate purpose. It’s just a reality of life. That’s right, people get sad, and people get happy. In fact, you’re never completely happy or completely sad, it’s always some mixture of the two. So the sadness is always going to be there. Not only does it exist, but it’s there all the time! There is no reason why humans couldn’t be programmed to never have sadness. The only reason we get sad is because god (or evolution) designed us so that we would. It’s just evolutions tool to get us to do stuff we don’t want to do. If you think about if you’re sad, it’s either because you did some things you didn’t want to do, or some things were done to you that you didn’t want to happen to you. So it’s a lose lose situation. Either way you lost out, and there is nothing you or I can do about it. The fact is everything in this world doesn’t happen the way you want it to. You can’t believe in a god because if there was a god he would work for you, and everything would happen the way you wanted it to. Therefore god can’t exist. That is, a good god can’t exist, an evil one surely does. That’s just a fact, unless everything in the world happens the way you want it to, you are losing, and god doesn’t work for you. It just means that god isn’t working for you, but against you. That’s not a big deal since it doesn’t matter that you get sad anyway why? Because when you get sad you just get hurt emotionally, and no one cares that you get hurt emotionally because you weren’t contributing anything to the world to begin with. Even you don’t care that you get hurt emotionally really, you just get an automatic response when you feel bad to want to make yourself feel better, that isn’t “caring”. If you say that people don’t really care about anything, including themselves, since their entire desire to want to care about themselves is based on a preprogrammed emotional response that they don’t want, then they are really just trapped in their own minds. They don’t care that they are trapped in their own minds, because they don’t want to care about anything because then they wouldn’t be sad. If you never got sad you’d never have any desire to do anything, because there would be no motivator, because one level of happy is only relevant relative to another level of happy. That is when you’re “happier” you’re only “happier” relative to a “sadder” state. Therefore you have to feel sad in order to feel happy. In fact by that logic, you’d have to be sad equally as much as you are happy, and that everything that happens in life is a part of that perfect balance. In order to make you happy just as much as you are sad the world would have to be designed so that events fall into place to make that occur, so that is proof that god exists. And that god supports having emotions, both sad and happy ones. God could have designed people to have no emotion, but then we wouldn’t be doing anything or feeling anything. And we wouldn’t be doing anything because we would never feel sad or happy so we’d never have anything to motivate our actions. Once again sad and happy are just emotions relative to each other, you can’t feel sad without once having felt happy because sad is just relative to happy. Happy is something you feel when you are achieving victory over sadness, that is all happiness is. Happiness makes you feel good because it makes you not feel sad. That’s the only reason to be happy, is to not be sad. Because being sad is your only motivator. That’s the only thing that you HAVE to respond to, when you feel sad, you get the feeling that you have to do something about it, and that feeling is automatic and preprogrammed into your body/mind. When you get happy, the feeling is just that you are a farther away from sadness. Our bodies are entirely programmed. You can’t be happy more than you’re sad because happy exists only relative to sadness, so if you were happy most of the time you would really just be happy half the time, and sad the other half of the time, get it? And the only way that people would be happy half the time is if god made the world so that events would fall into place that made people happy half the time, otherwise the equation wouldn’t work and the fabric of reality would fall apart. Also, what makes emotion real or meaningful? It is just emotion. Whoever said emotion had meaning? It is just a biological response that makes you feel good. Who really cares about feeling good anyway since they are just emotions? You are just an animal, and you only have emotions.

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