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Compile and run the program

Create a batch file

Use your text editor to create a text file named CompileAndRun.bat and store it in the folder named Slick0100a .

(Once again, be careful to ensure that the file has the correct extension, particularly if you create it with Windows Notepad. An extension of .txt won'twork.)

Carefully copy the contents Listing 2 into the text file. This is the file that you will use in your attempt to compile and run yoursource-code file named Slick0100a.java . (Line breaks or wrapped lines are not allowed. Make certain that your batch file has only sevenlines of text exclusive of blank lines.)

Listing 2 . The file named CompileAndRun.bat.
echo off del *.classrem refer to jar files in the folder named jars javac -cp .;../jars/slick.jar;../jars/lwjgl.jar Slick0100a.javarem set the java.library.path and the classpath and run the program java -Djava.library.path=../lwjglbin -cp .;../jars/slick.jar;../jars/lwjgl.jar Slick0100apause

Execute the batch file

Double-click your new batch file named CompileAndRun.bat (or execute it in whatever manner you prefer.) This should cause two new windows to appear on your screen.

Slick2D output during startup

The first window to appear should look similar to Figure 1 .

Figure 1 . Output from Slick2D during program startup.
Missing image.

Figure 1 shows information produced by Slick2D when a compiled Slick2D program starts running.

A default Slick2D game window

The second window to appear should look something like Figure 2 .

Figure 2 . A default Slick2D game window.
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Figure 2 is a default Slick2D game window. As you will learn in the next module, this particularSlick2D program has no interesting behavior. In effect, it is an "empty" game program. Therefore, the only thingshowing in the game window is a counter in the top left corner that shows the execution rate in frames per second.

Run the program

I encourage you to copy the code from Listing 1 and Listing 2 . Install the necessary software on your computer as described above. Compile the code and executeit. If you don't see results similar to those shown above, go back and review the instructions very carefully.


I showed you how to install Slick2D in such a way that you can easily compile and execute Slick2D programs from the command line with no need for a high levelIDE.

What's next?

In the next module, I will use the code from Listing 1 to begin explaining the anatomy of a basic Slick2D game engine.


This section contains a variety of miscellaneous information.

Housekeeping material
  • Module name: Slick0100: Getting started with the Slick2D game library.
  • File: Slick0100.htm
  • Published: 02/03/13
  • Revised: 06/06/15 for 64-bit

Financial : Although the Connexions site makes it possible for you to download a PDF file for thismodule at no charge, and also makes it possible for you to purchase a pre-printed version of the PDF file, you should beaware that some of the HTML elements in this module may not translate well into PDF.

I also want you to know that, I receive no financial compensation from the Connexions website even if you purchase the PDF version of the module.

In the past, unknown individuals have copied my modules from cnx.org, converted them to Kindle books, and placed them for sale on Amazon.com showing me as the author. Ineither receive compensation for those sales nor do I know who does receive compensation. If you purchase such a book, please beaware that it is a copy of a module that is freely available on cnx.org and that it was made and published withoutmy prior knowledge.

Affiliation : I am a professor of Computer Information Technology at Austin Community College in Austin, TX.

Download source code

Click here to download a zip file containing the source code for all of the sample programs in this collection. The zip file alsocontains populated 64-bit versions of the folders named jars and lwjglbin to save you the trouble of downloading the distribution and populating those folders.

Extract the contents of the zip file into an empty folder. Each program should end up in a separate folder. Double-click the file named CompileAndRun.bat in each folder to compile and run the program contained in that folder.


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