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Exercise three: problem solving and the incident at morales

Go to the module on Incident at Morales. Enact the public hearning with your teacher and classmates. Concentrate on approaching responsibility in its proactive sense by going beyond blame, working collectively to prevent future disasters (learn from the past), and look for ways of turning this unfortunate incident into an opportunity to realize value and achieve excellence.

Exercise four: working with the code of ethics

Write a code of ethics for engineers in your particular branch. First, identify the key stakeholders to engineering practice. Then identify their vulnerable needs. Finally, base your code of activities that engineers can perform to consistently maintain and enhance these stakeholder needs and interests.

What did you learn?

This section provides closure to the module for students. It may consist of a formal conclusion that summarizes the module and outlines its learning objectives. It could provide questions to help students debrief and reflect on what they have learned. Assessment forms (e.g., the “Muddiest Point” Form) could be used to evaluate the quality of the learning experience. In short, this section specifies the strategy for bringing the module to a close.


Abet 3f ten years later

Jeopardy for engineering ethics

Engineering ethics across the curriculum: module 1


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    Engineering ethics in puerto rico and latin america

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Insert paragraph text here.

This optional section contains additional or supplementary information related to this module. It could include: assessment, background such as supporting ethical theories and frameworks, technical information, discipline specific information, and references or links.

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