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This module on product contamination control is part of the Food Safety Knowledge Network's Basic Level resources for food manufacturers. This module was authored by Kevin Swoffer.


Welcome to Introduction to Product Contamination Control .

This learning module is part of the Food Safety Knowledge Network Basic Level Program.

The Basic Level and Intermediate Level Programs were developed through a partnership between the Global Food Safety Initiative and Michigan State University to enhance the technical knowledge of individuals responsible for food safety, especially those working for small or less-developed businesses.

To learn more about the Food Safety Knowledge Network, please visit www.foodsafetyknowledgenetwork.org .

Module overview

Product contamination control is important to prevent adulteration of food products by contaminants or hazards that might injure or otherwise compromise the health of consumers. Product contamination can occur during the preparation, storage, or distribution stages.

This module covers the requirements related to effective control and management of product contamination control.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • system development
  • personal contamination
  • cross contamination
  • premises contamination
  • pest contamination

Module objectives

Upon completion of this module you should be able to

  • describe the principles of and reasons for ensuring product contamination control
  • explain the steps taken to minimize the risk of contamination by physical, chemical, and biological contaminants
  • design a system to ensure the control of any possible product contaminants
  • operate a system to ensure the control of any possible product contaminants.

System development

As a person responsible for food safety within the factory, you must develop systems to ensure and monitor that the staff is fully aware of and uses

  • good personal hygiene practices
  • good practices to prevent contamination by raw materials and packaging
  • good practices to prevent contamination by equipment and building fabrication
  • good practices to prevent pest contamination.

Any system will have to be clearly and concisely documented and communicated effectively to appropriate staff within the company.

You must work closely with key company staff to ensure they clearly understand the importance of such systems and the ways they can influence effective compliance.

Since the responsibility for food safety rests with you, you must directly verify all systems for Basic Level requirements. You must also systematically monitor activities on a regular basis and record your findings.

Personal contamination

It is widely recognized that food handlers have the potential to be the most serious hazard in a food business. Bad practices of food handlers may contaminate food, resulting in food poisoning by microorganisms or foreign bodies introduced into the product.

Effective hand washing and good personal hygiene practices will significantly minimize the risk of product contamination.

It is important to introduce and maintain a system (procedures) whereby personnel carry out good personal hygiene practices:

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