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Vincent, Thomas (1672.). Christ the best husband, or, An invitation of young women unto Christ. EEBO-TCP.

Vincent, Thomas (1672.). The best gift, or, God's call upon young men for their hearts. EEBO-TCP.

Vincent, Thomas (1675.). An explicatory catechism, or, An explanation of the assemblies shorter catechism. EEBO-TCP.

Vincent, Thomas (1677.). The true Christians love of the unseen Christ, or, A discourse chiefly tending to excite and promote the decaying love of Christ in the hearts of Christians. EEBO-TCP.

Vincent, Thomas (1678.). The death of ministers improved, or, An exhortation to the inhabitants of Horsley on Glocester-shire, and others, on the much lamented death of that reverend and faithful minister of the Gospel, Mr. Henry Stubbs. EEBO-TCP.

Vincent, William (1677.). Strange and true nevvs from Staffordshire, or, A true narrative concerning a young man lying under almighty Gods just vengeance, for imprecating God's judgment upon himself, and pleading his innocency though he knew himself guilty. EEBO-TCP.

Virgil (1620.). Virgils Eclogues, vvith his booke De apibus, concerning the gouernment and ordering of bees. EEBO-TCP.

Virgil (1628.). Virgil's Georgicks. EEBO-TCP.

Virgil (1628.). Virgils Eclogues. EEBO-TCP.

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Virgil (1634?].). Dido and Aeneas. EEBO-TCP.

Virgil (1661.). Aeneas his errours, or, His voyage from Troy into Italy. EEBO-TCP.

Virgil (1679.). The passion of Dido for Æneas. EEBO-TCP.

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Vitruvius Pollio (1692.). An abridgment of the architecture of Vitruvius. EEBO-TCP.

Vives, Juan Luis (1550]). Introduction to wisedome. EEBO-TCP.

Vives, Juan Luis (1555?]). The office and duetie of an husband. EEBO-TCP.

Voiture (1700.). Familiar and courtly letters. EEBO-TCP.

Vox Populi Vox Dei (1868 –1872). [Anon.]: Vox Populi vox Dei [1547 –1548]. CH.


W. B (1657.). The trial of the ladies Hide Park, May Day, or, The yellow books partner. EEBO-TCP.

W. B (1659.). The yellow book, or, A serious letter sent by a private Christian to the Lady Consideration, the first day of May, 1659. EEBO-TCP.

W. P (1659.). One sheet, or, If you will a winding sheet for the good old cause. EEBO-TCP.

W. R (1657.). Organon salutis. EEBO-TCP.

W. S (1602.). The true chronicle historie of the whole life and death of Thomas Lord Cromwell. EEBO-TCP.

W. S (1607.). The puritaine, or, The vviddovv of VVatling-streete. EEBO-TCP.

W. S. (1574.). A new balade or songe, of the Lambes feast. EEBO-TCP.

W. S. (1595.). The lamentable tragedie of Locrine, the eldest sonne of King Brutus. EEBO-TCP.

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fullerene is a bucky ball aka Carbon 60 molecule. It was name by the architect Fuller. He design the geodesic dome. it resembles a soccer ball.
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